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Consumers need more than just pointing to a site when it comes to comparing prices and differences. The launch of the mobile phone recycling news blog will hopefully help people.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – As mobile phone recycling has become more main stream with many millions of people in the UK being informed that one can turn in and recycle their old mobile phones and electrical gadgets for cash. More companies and websites begin trading online offering people cash incentives for old mobile phones.

What's needed is a comparison site where consumers, or sellers of such items. Can find out what places are best for them to sell and recycle old mobile phones and electrical devices. Where they can compare the prices offered by each company, saving time and getting the most money possible at the same time as helping the environment. has announced a launch of a coming mobile phone recycling news blog on their site where they will be informing people about the great benefits of recycling mobile phones and all the other types of things you can actually recycle for cash. Along with showing the companies one can use and more information on them before you do. Helping people make the right decision and best choice for them based on what they might actually want to recycle. has helped millions of people thus far already to get the best deal and most cash for their old mobile or more. With a new website look and the new blog underway for people to subscribe to or see information about the recycling companies they compare. It's hoped more people will be made aware and more will send in and recycle their old mobile phones and electrical gadgets having a helping effect on the planet.

The Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison site has utilized social media as an alternative way to spread the good news that you can do your part in helping the environment by getting cash for mobile phones by recycling them. Being available on Twitter and Facebook where they also post occasional news about mobile phone recycling and the latest environmentally helping and or money saving tips.

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