Manhattan Style - $1,000 Shopping Spree Contest

Manhattan Style, the coolest site dedicated to bringing to its visitors all that is happening in New York City, is running a shopping contest, promising $1,000 to the winner. All that the contestants need to do is write a short essay on the reason for their love for New York City.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – Manhattan Style ( is a site that dedicates itself to bringing forth all the happenings of NYC - from upcoming events to the latest fashions.

It has announced a shopping contest, “Why I love New York City,” wherein the winner receives a $1,000 shopping spree gift card to Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales, as we all know, is New York’s oldest and greatest department store.

Manhattan Style has been at the forefront of being an online NYC guide, informing all its visitors about NYC restaurants, NYC travel, particularly, Manhattan travel.

“Our goal is to inform you of the latest clubs, best restaurants, great hangouts, hottest fashions, and where to go just to have a good time in the city,” says their spokesperson.

Online visitors get to know about the unique real life perspective of the Manhattan lifestyle.

Because of its love for NYC, Manhattan Style has begun a shopping contest, offering $1,000 to the winner.

This contest is open to all - those who have spent their life in the city and also those who have never been to this splendid city. All a contestant has to do is submit a 500-750 word essay on the reasons for his love for New York City. The contestants will have to submit their essay by 15 April 2010.

Those who have never visited New York City before just need to write what type of experience it will be or why they want to visit this magnificent city.

Manhattan Style has always been like an NYC guide for its online visitors, informing them of the latest clubs, the best NYC restaurants, the best places to hangout during their NYC travel, the hottest fashions as well as the best place to have a good time in New York City.

It expects the contestants to capture the complete New York experience; to write about the actual places, the Broadway; the Yankee games; museums, restaurants, hotels, street fairs, and Greenwich Village.

“We expect the contestants to write about things that will bring their New York experience to life for our readers,” says their spokesperson.

The contest winner will be the person who captures the New York experience the best; writes concentrating on style; writes the best content; and has “the writing ability to convey the feel of the city in its people, places, and things.”

Each contestant is permitted to submit three articles. Manhattan Style plans to run the contest throughout the year.

“The winner will be selected by 1 May 2010,” confirms their spokesperson, adding, “The gift card can be used at any Bloomingdales store located in the United States.”

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