ATX Global Launches Free Videos on Contractor Marketing
1 August 2012
ATX Global LLC – Contractor marketing specialist ATX Global released free videos on online marketing that will and can benefit local contractors and companies alike. According to the company, these new videos will allow contractors and business owners to get started on online marketing and avoid costly mistakes. This video tutorial series is meant to be studied and watched in order for maximum benefit and understanding. The videos are for free and can be watched online in the website’s training page. This video tutorial series are a companion to the Business Owner’s Guide published by the company earlier this quarter. The videos are short, with lengths ranging from two minutes to seven minutes. The topics discussed in the videos are also divided into short segments for easier understanding and faster learning. ATX Global hopes that these measures will encourage many home improvement and roofing contractors to market their businesses online. Discussed by ATX Global founder Travis Jenkins, the video tutorial series launched by the company is divided into general topics as follows: Effective business set up The first video discusses the traps most business owners and contractors fall into when setting up their business. He then shared the secret to setting up a business so it works for business owners rather than the other way around. The key to a successful business The second video reveals the backbone of every successful company. In here, Mr. Jenkins stresses the importance of high quality services and products and how best to get them out there. Targeting clients In here, ATX Global demonstrates how to target the right customer for products and services. What’s more is that the company reveals the ways to reach targeted clients so marketing resources are not wasted. The truth about high value clients Many business owners scramble after every client, ATX Global observes. In this video, the company exposes the truth about high value clients and the secret to getting them. Avoiding the price competition Many business owners and roofing contractors alike fall into cheap marketing tricks when promoting their business. Most resort to competing on price. Travis Jenkins disabuses this notion and offers a sounder, more profitable alternative in this video. Funneling customers to sales page ATX Global shares tips on how to direct prospects and web visitors through the sales funnel to ensure conversion in this less than five minute video. Dangerous words to business To conclude this free video series, ATX Global discusses the four most dangerous words that can endanger businesses and their successes. These free video tutorials can serve as jump off points for online marketing for many roofing contractors and home improvement companies. Each of the video introduces a concept that can be explored and discussed further in ATX Global’s exclusive coaching club and one-on-one consultations with head honcho Travis Jenkins. About ATX Global ATX Global is an online marketing consulting company founded by serial entrepreneur and home improvement business owner Travis Lane Jenkins. Aside from these videos, ATX Global offers free tutorials and reports on marketing roofing contractor and home improvement businesses online.