Face Recognition Solution has Successfully Demonstrate Biometric Face Recognition's Substantial Growth in Security Expo 2009

To increase the general awareness on the biometric face recognition system, Face Recognition Solution is now targeting the security Expo 2009. Face recognition system is the most efficient one to eliminate all the existing security system's flaws.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – With the growing controversies that are rising due to the economic recession in the world is expected to counterbalance between the various negative impacts and the growth in other sectors. Face Recognition Solution has announced that it has been selected to present the balancing of growing need of security in the recession at the security expo 2009.

Face Recognition Solution is a pioneer in the field of biometric face recognition technology. It works closely with the end users to support them for the adoption of the technologically advanced biometric security solutions.

Face Recognition Solution has revealed that, during the security expo 2009, the original cause for the development of the face recognition system would be disclosed. The CEO of the company also said that, "why the existing security system is inefficient? What made the biometric face recognition system to capture the global market during recession will be explained thoroughly in the security expo 2009".

"In this critical period of recession, there is a great demand for a reliable, efficient and cost effective security product which can even fulfill the security needs to resist in the current threatened world. Therefore, the biometric face recognition system has been developed which is based on capturing the facial features of the individuals", as per the security expert of Face Recognition Solution.

"Customers still perceive that deploying biometric face recognition system, will fluctuate their monthly budget and therefore traditional system is enough. In reality it has got no link up as advancement of security system is an evergreen need. These will be discussed in the expo 2009 which is going to locate in India", conveyed by Face Recognition Solution's senior event handler.

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