KIVA LEATHERMAN: An Expert in Empowering Women, Financial Stress, & Parenting, Airs ON DARE To Dream

Kiva Leatherman Is The Creator And Mentor Of the Wise Women Network, With An Expertise In Generating “Whole”-Istic Wealth For Women.

Online PR News – 31-July-2012 – Dover, New Hampshire – Kiva is a speaker and business strategist in the new paradigm of women, money, mothering and business. She has a proven ability to create leveraged brands, products and services that generate “whole”istic wealth for women: supporting their independence, flexibility and freedom. Kiva honed her sales and marketing skills and financial expertise over the course of a 12-year career in the investment management industry. She’s a contributor to Huffington Post, More Magazine and is the author of a new book called Quality Time With Your Kids: The Simple Directions. Today, Kiva inspires tens of thousands of women each week through her website, blog and radio show, “A Woman’s Worth.” Kiva inspires women to find fulfillment and gratification, while happily embracing an authentic, honest and real approach to the challenges that all of us face. Kiva graduated with degrees in Psychology and Performing Arts from Washington University in St. Louis. She loves showing women how to get their groove on through dance and is a certified fitness trainer.

“If I don’t teach women to get a hold of their sense of self-worth, it doesn’t matter what I teach them about stocks, bonds and investing,” says Kiva Leatherman.

Kiva was enjoying her life, but she began to feel that something was missing. “I’d been home with my kids for a couple of years and was teaching dance classes, but I started feeling like there was something more I needed to be doing with my life.”

One night Kiva had an epiphany that brought her experience as a woman, a dance instructor and a financial expert all into focus. “I realized that I could use my experience in these areas to help women find their core and create a framework for success that helps them live their healthiest lives in all areas.”

Wise Women Network is the culmination of Kiva’s experience in dance, finance, and being a woman. “I had done extensive work on myself and the guilt I felt over the money I’d made. I knew my guilt came from my lack of self-worth and realized this was key to women’s financial freedom. A woman’s self-worth is tied 100% into her financial health.”

Kiva and her team present online programs called Wise Workshops that aid women in taking back the power in their lives. They also give live presentations for women in the New Hampshire area. She encourages participants to remember to have fun and be in the moment, and uses dance as an acronym; D=decide A=accept N=no (know) C=commit E=expand.

Kiva explains why women seem to have a harder time asking for what they’re worth than men do. “If you think about money as energy, you’re saying ‘give me more for what I’m worth’ and as women we’ve got blocks about getting recognition and being loved and that manifests through money.”

“The important thing to remember is whether it’s your finances, health or relationships that are in trouble, all of those are symptoms of a root cause. Wise Women Network helps to uncover the cause, so that the healing begins.”

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