Learn How To Heal The Vision of "Me" In Cindy Eksuzian's New Book, "Beyond Our Exodus"

Cindy Eksuzian, Author / Photographer of Beyond Our Exodus, demonstrates by poetic verse and prophetic photos of God's presence in nature, how choosing faith in God helps to discover a spiritual pathway to heal the way we see ourselves.

Online PR News – 31-July-2012 – Missoula, Montana – In Beyond Our Exodus, Eksuzian explains that knowing God's presence through the natural world helps to discern the body's connection to the Earth. When one experiences nature, it's easier to understand God's presence because in the natural world, God is constant, therefore, truths of one's human condition, made known to us consciously by Him, are easier to assimilate in thoughts and feelings because the Earth is a pure and natural setting to experience them.

The purity in Beyond Our Exodus helps to flow the connection between the Earth and the human body and opens an awareness not just for the individual human being, but also for the larger connection to life and its association with the choices made by that individual. This understanding of how to "see" an expanded human perspective will be crucial for the safety and success of navigating through these times of tribulation.

By experiencing the poem/photograph combinations the reader has an opportunity to comprehend a way to see God.

Eksuzian states, "By experiencing the poem/photograph combinations, the reader has an opportunity to comprehend a way to see God." This helps to prompt each reader's ability to reflect upon their own intuitive workings and subsequent choices. Habitual ways of thought, feeling, and action, become more visible. One can see their actions, how they limit existence, and know the consequences of choices made, good or bad.

Experiencing the purity of Eksuzian's book demonstrates how choosing faith in God can make a difference in one's life. Individuals become more fluent within themselves and can reduce the contradiction between thoughts and feelings, which sometimes is difficult to face. Readers say that each time they picked up the book to experience it, they found something new to help them.

Be ready for the Earth's dynamic future! Beyond Our Exodus is a book for all ages; an essential addition to our daily lives!

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