New Aromatherapy Gift Baskets Launched for New Moms

Aromatherapy Gift Store has selected different aromatherapy products for a gift basket based on the increasing demand of new mothers. Aromatherapy gift basket to help new moms fight the postpartum depression, which often accompanies with childbirth

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – San Francisco, CA ( Onlineprnews ) March 9, 2010 - The Aromatherapy Gift Store is introducing a special package for new mothers. Many people want to buy a special gift to their friends, who had just become a new mom. This gift basket is a perfect gift to new moms as it contains aromatherapy products, which can reduce fatigue and combat depression as well mental stress.

Fatigue, depression and mental stress are common among most women post childbirth. Traditional medicine often fails to help a woman combat this kind of depressive mental state. Given this scenario aromatherapy products are the perfect solution, as they are known to be extremely helpful in reducing fatigue, depression, stress, and restlessness. There has been an increased demand for aromatherapy gift baskets since 2009, especially from new moms. To meet this increasing demand Aromatherapy Gift Store is launching the aromatherapy package ( for new mothers.

Many new moms need his aromatherapy gift basket for different reasons. It’s well known that aromatherapy has healing benefits. Different smells have different effects on the mind and body. A smell can be associated with some of the fond memories and this can give an instant mood elevation.

There are many different herbs, which induce other relaxation effects like reduction of restless ness, soothing of nerves and reducing allergies. For instance herbs like rosemary are known to have soothing effect on the nerves. Rosemary is good for remembrance, and it will create a calm effect on the disturbed nerves. Thus rosemary oil is one of the most popular gifts for a new mom who is going through a period of restless and disturbance.

The aromatherapy gift basket from the Aromatherapy Gift Store will not only contain rosemary oil but also various other oils which can have a soothing effect on fraying nerves of new moms. The basket will have an aromatherapy diffuser, which can be used in a room to create positive energy. Some other items in the gift basket will include essential oil burners, aromatherapy skin care products and various other essential oils. Stress is a common problem these days. This aromatherapy basket contains all the essential items to create a pleasant environment.

All these factors have made the aromatherapy gift basket in high demand for new mothers who are depressed and anxious. Most new moms are constantly on their toes, taking care of the baby. Often they feel jittery or nervous.

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