New SpeedyPrep Microeconomics CLEP Study Course Launched

SpeedyPrep makes a 100% guarantee that you will pass your CLEP Prep Exam because unique CLEP prep system monitors your progress and informs you when you are ready for the test.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – SpeedyPrep LLC, an online company which develops study courses for takers of CLEP exams, recently announced their launch of a new study module to prepare students and adults who want to earn college credit by taking and passing the Microeconomics CLEP exam. CLEP (College Level Examination Program) is a testing program which administers 34 exams which students can use to earn college credit at nearly 3000 participating colleges and universities. CLEP tests are known for their low cost of $72 for 3-12 college credits. Full study courses for CLEP exams, such as those offered by SpeedyPrep, generally cost less money than a textbook.

The Microeconomics CLEP study guide by SpeedyPrep incorporates hundreds of fill in the blank digital flashcards, developed by professional course developers with a strong track record in designing highly effective CLEP preparation courses. Students who complete this study course will learn the subject to a level equivalent to those students who complete a typical college Microeconomics course. The SpeedyPrep study course includes detailed explanation for each flashcard. The course is also divided into smaller subcategories for more efficient and organized study.

According to the CLEP website, the Microeconomics CLEP exams cover such topics as product markets, factor markets, and the role of the government in case of failure in these markets. The exam contains approximately 80 questions, to be answered in 90 minutes. Students that pass the exam are eligible for 3 college credits, equivalent to the credit a student would normally earn in a microeconomics college course.

SpeedyPrep subscribers work to maximize their efficiency in study by studying the information that they need for the exam. The system shows the students the information that they have answered incorrectly, allowing the student to focus on areas of weakness. Another feature is an actual progress bar which analyzes the student’s readiness for the exam, and tells the student when they are ready to pass their exam. The student’s goal is to convince the system of their readiness by studying the material until they reach 100% completion in the progress bar. Once the student completes the course, they are able to take advantage of the SpeedyPrep 100% pass rate guarantee, which states that if the student completes the course, and then fail their Microeconomics CLEP, they will be refunded up to 120 days of their SpeedyPrep subscription fees.

About: SpeedyPrep LLC, established in 2007, is an online study course company that helps students prepare for credit by examination programs that enable them to save thousands of dollars on college tuition. SpeedyPrep’s comprehensive study courses have prepared thousands of students to earn college credit outside the classroom through tests. SpeedyPrep employs cutting edge technology that students use to keep track of their studies and ensure that they are making the best use of their study sessions. SpeedyPrep is the only online preparation service that offers a fully money-back guarantee if a student fails a exam.