Ford & Mathiason Dallas Office Wins Texas Probate Trial Victory

The Dallas office of premier law firm Ford & Mathiason won a decisive trial victory over a contested Texas probate case. During the trial, attorney Brian Thomas was successful in securing a favorable outcome for the son of the Decedent.

Online PR News – 23-June-2009 – – DALLAS, TX – Ford & Mathiason LLP, a premier Texas probate law firm, recently announced a decisive win in a Dallas probate case concerning the allocation of an estate of a deceased mother to her children. In the case, Ford & Mathiason attorney Brian Thomas represented the Decedent's son, who was left the entire estate in his mother's Last Will and Testament. Thomas submitted the mother's Will for probate, and although the mother's wishes for allocation were clearly stated, her daughter contested the will since she was completely excluded from any share of inheritance.

"At Ford & Mathiason we always strive for a fair and reasonable outcome to every probate case, and this particular case was no exception. Our client (the son) was clearly the beneficiary of the Will, and we are pleased that we were able to help him take ownership of what was rightfully his. By carefully putting the evidence in place, the Court was able to see through the sister's claims and award full estate allocation to our client," says Brian Thomas of Ford & Mathiason.

Throughout the months prior to the trial, Thomas successfully prepared his case by securing proper witnesses for testifying on his client's behalf. By doing so, his client's sister was forced to admit that the true nature of her relationship with her mother was actually contentious and strained. However, even with this admission, the sister continued to contest the Last Will and Testament, as she felt she was entitled to receive a portion of her mother's estate.

Once the case went to trial, Thomas called upon the witnesses to the Will he had previously secured. Additionally, the attorney who drafted the document also testified that the Decedent's wishes were accurately reflected in the Will. After reviewing the evidence, the Court ruled in favor of the firm's client. As a result, the Decedent's entire estate was transferred to the son, and the daughter remained excluded from any share of the transaction.

"We are very pleased with the outcome of this case. We've worked with clients on many Dallas and Houston probate cases for which upon first glance the outcomes seem very cut and dry. However, no matter how straightforward the case appears, our attorneys still work diligently to ensure a favorable outcome is achieved," says Thomas.

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