Seo Service Providers And Internet Marketers Bracing For Negative Seo Era

Those in the world of internet marketing are always keeping tabs on changes at major search engines like Google and this should come as no surprise since so many sites online have built their businesses around the search giant's ability to send traffic

Online PR News – 28-July-2012 – --------------- – July 28, 2012 - businesses around the search giant's ability to send traffic. Today, however, the SEO tactics of the past are being rapidly shifted as Google continues to take a negative view towards this practice. Those at sites that focus on today's best marketing methods, such as , are finding that a new specter is rising across the web and it is far darker in nature. The new strategy is negative SEO and it can have a very unwanted impact on sites that it effects. Now, it seems that some unsavory marketers are using linkbuilding to damage their competitors and pull them down in the rankings so that their own sites will be able to supplant them. While this technique has long been rumored to be possible, it is now known to be true and in light of recent public commenting by Google staff, it appears that Google intends to introduce measures which, while designed to curb negative SEO, may end up enabling it further. Clearly, this would be damaging to many sites across many online markets today.

Expert sources such as the writers at blogs like are already on the front lines, addressing the issue and giving those who are involved in internet marketing today a better way of dealing with the problem: improving their presence on the web. Focusing on authority building and trust enhancing efforts with quality content, say these experts, is far more likely to bring quality results. In today's rapidly shifting web terrain, forging ahead is much more important than trying to shore up one's vulnerable positions in terms of incoming links. Many marketers have, in the past, fallen prey to schemes designed to bring them links that have left them open to negative SEO, but the only way to really push past the potential backlash is to try and build a better link profile, say experts. Finding the right help to achieve that goal is what can make the difference.

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