SEO Company has been asked to help Canada Toronto’s Jumbo Real Estate Listings Firm

Canada’s leading Real Estate Listing Firm that is based in Toronto Canada has asked SEO Company to help their sinking Real Estate Business, SEO Company has agreed to provide Real Estate Toronto with website design, web development and SEO Services for a period of one Year.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – Maria Perez, Toronto Canada

Canada’s most leading Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Listing Firm has been in touch with quite some time in order to know if they can help us with our nearly sinking real estate business, unlike other real estate brokers we never put enough focus on online reputation, website improvement and specially search engine optimization and search engine marketing and we feel this is what could save us in bad times in Real Estate Market here in Canada

We have been doing worth investments on print and electronic media for our houses, condos, commercial and residential properties but never knew that this all can be done via search optimization and search marketing and we believe this is the right time to benefit from a leading web design and web development company which has evaluated our business, provided us with number of important functions and features in our company website which we believe would help us stick to our customers, associates and agents nationwide and in United States

We have took quite some time to go through their all in one, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, internet marketing and web design and web development proposal and finally we have approved it as the said SEO Company remained the only company that has provided us all information together and as quickly as we wanted

About the Company:

SEO Company is based in Lahore Pakistan with offices in United States and in Canada, Australia and UK providing complete CMS web design, web development and search engine optimization and search marketing solutions, the said company also specializes in providing online shopping carts, and search engine optimized and search marketed websites which are completely search engines friendly.

We have read their customer testimonials including getting in touch with number of other clients in Real Estate Canada market, few in UK, USA, Australia and Europe and we were surprised the kind of feelings and regard their client have for this company and before their proposal got approved we were thinking that 1000s of people cannot be wrong

As this is going to be Canada’s biggest Real Estate website for Canadian and American region, the said SEO Company has asked for 3-months time frame from designing to development, quality assurance and all

And after all we agreed specifically for web design and web development they would provide us an yearly search engine optimization and search engine marketing services in order to help our completely new website be indexed and reach potential customers and investors

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