To Assist Americans in a Time of Great Need, American Mitigation Law Group Announces Its New Loan Modification Services

AMLG has opened the virtual doors of its new website geared towards assisting people with home, auto and commercial loans to reach modifications to their original agreements with their lenders.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – American Mitigation Law Group, a national loan modification service, is helping citizens across the country to hold on to their hard-earned assets through workout agreements with lenders. These types of loan modification agreements provide new terms for an existing loan, and enable the borrower to reach a more manageable payment schedule.

“Under current economic conditions, lenders are generally more amenable to allow a mortgage modification rather than foreclose on a property,” says the general manager of AMLG. “Contrary to what people generally think, banks really don’t relish the idea of taking a home in a foreclosure. When a bank is forced to take a home in this market, they are sure to be looking at a loss on that property – that or either carrying it on their books for at least the foreseeable future. With a home loan modification, the bank is still able to see their profits on the loan – just over a longer period of time than they originally expected – but it’s always better than taking a loss.”

The American Mitigation Law Group website provides guidelines for the entire process of applying for a mortgage modification, and the firm works directly with the borrower and lender to reach terms that are viable for all parties concerned. “What set’s us aside from other home loan modification services is that we are focused on the end results. We prove this by taking no upfront fees – we are only paid after we do the work for the client.”

About American Mitigation Law Group:

Dedicated to Providing Mortgage Solutions

AMLG is dedicated to providing solutions to homeowners experiencing trouble with their mortgage. We negotiate with lenders and creditors to find solutions that will reduce your monthly expenses and allow you to keep your home. During the process we will keep you informed, engaged and moving toward an early resolution.

Our Experience is Something You Can Count On

AMLG attorneys have over 18 years combined experience in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. We have helped thousands of homeowners achieve and maintain homeownership with solutions that reduce mortgage debt.

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Our excellent relationships and reputation with lenders and creditors throughout the U.S. allow us to achieve the best results possible for our clients. Lenders are willing to work with us and find solutions that put you in a stable financial position.

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