Famous Dentist in Delhi takes part in dental check up and awareness camp

Dr. Manu Modi (Prosthodontics) took part in a dental check up and awareness camp held in Delhi and helped people understand and get proper dental treatment.

Online PR News – 08-March-2010 – – Dr. Manu Modi, a famous Dentist in Delhi (India), took part in a dental check up and awareness camp which was held at Jain Eye and Medical Center Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

This event was organized to educate parents and their children about the vital importance of oral hygiene. The camp was attended by 300 patients and they were examined and provided with free medicines. Dr. Modi educated the people about the latest dental procedures that could provide them riddance from the pathetic dental problems. Dr. Manu Modi also laid stress that parents need to educate and teach their children about the daily dental care tips so that they enjoy good oral health in the prospect.

Dental awareness for the children was provided in the form of special movie screening that introduced them with the basic concept of dental hygiene and its importance. The idea of screening the movie received much of accolade from the parents as with this their kids could learn the value of oral hygiene in an interactive way.

All those people who were present at the awareness camp were provided with the education about oral hygiene going from the basics to the advanced topics. They were taught the correct way of brushing their teeth, number of times to brush how to take care of the sensitive teeth and what sorts of treatment options are available for the people having dental problems.

Awareness of the public

The overall emphasis of this dental check up and awareness camp was to provide people with the basic education about dental care so that they take good care of their teeth and in case of any problem, they should know that there are several treatment options available. As the facility of the dental check up and medicine was free, this dental check up managed to get attention of a huge amount of people.

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