Product Development from Agency Power Enhances the 2013 Porsche 991

Agency Power’s modular exhaust system is detailed along with other upgrades for the Porsche 991 Carrera S.

Online PR News – 05-September-2012 – Gilbert, AZ – Vivid Racing was able to get its hands on a 2013 Porsche 991 Carrera S to do product development with its sister company, Agency Power. The white color and beige interior are a nice combo with the 7 speed PDK transmission. Instantly noticed is the rear end with the sleeker looking taillights and the decklid. Looking at the decklid, there was only a small 30 by 8 inch space with 2 fans and a logo. The front end has some more curves and the 997 lights are slightly carried over. But the big in your face change is the inside. The mini me center console of the Panamera is a big change. Buttons are everywhere. With the key turned on, the dash takes on all sorts of new LCD displays.

Like many OEM’s taking cue from the aftermarket, the stock exhaust is fitted with almost a valvetronic type setup which opens a flapper valve on the center muffler when the sport button is pressed. However, for the Porsche enthusiast, the vehicle is still lacking a true sports car noise. Agency Power set out to build a modular exhaust system that would allow fitment for many different types of 991 drivers. The exhaust is broken down into 3 parts: The headers, the secondary mufflers, and the main center muffler.

The first part built was the Secondary Muffler Bypass Pipes. These simple U/J pipes remove the mufflers that are tucked up in the rear quarter panels. Typically, in the past we either see a main center muffler or two mufflers with catpipes. So this was the first simplest part to change out. Keeping the same diameter for a perfect OEM replacement, these pipes are straight through which not only eliminates any muffler packing or baffling, but also the weight. Each stock muffler weighs approximately 15.6lbs. The Agency Power Muffler Bypass Pipes are about 3lbs each. Now eliminating restriction, about 25lbs off the rear end were saved. Because this part still retained the factory headers with cats and the factory center muffler, it added a slightly deeper tone to the exhaust but not a drastic droning change that a full exhaust could. Upon revving the car out stationary and on the dyno, you could hear the tone change nicely as you passed the 4000rpm mark.
The 2013 3.8L DFI Carrera, like most cars, needed 2 more things: to be lowered and to have some new wheels. The H&R lowering springs were added, which maintain the PASM ride function. This lowers the front of the car, 1.2 inches and the rear 1.0 inch, giving the coupe a great stance. The stock wheels were finished off with a gloss black powdercoat. With paint matching the center caps, the over all package looks great.