SetLogik Inc., the pioneer of cloud-based strategic data management and predictive analytics solutions, has announced the general availability of SetLogik Enterprise. B2B companies will now be able to effectively use their Big Data to drive revenue with predictive analytics.

Online PR News – 24-July-2012 – Sunnyvale, CA – Sales and marketing teams are always on their toes, looking for solutions that will allow them to win more sales; while shortening the lengthy B2B sales cycle. Marketing automation platforms have steadily gained footing within B2B enterprises to automatically capture lead activity; using empirical, point-based scoring for nurturing leads until they are “sales-ready”. SetLogik’s game-changing, predictive account and lead scoring technology delivers the solution enterprises need to productively manage lead nurturing with the scores mined from B2B Big Data. SetLogik Enterprise generates mathematically-derived lead and account scores using time-tested predictive models, such as propensity to purchase. The predictive scores are sent back to Marketing & Sales Automation Platforms such as Eloqua, Marketo and

Building upon a strong foundation of strategic data management and predictive analytics, as well as industry experience with lead scoring and marketing automation; SetLogik is a proven industry innovator with the solution that enables B2B companies to gain competitive advantage by using data-driven results. Predictive analytics will be a significant factor in changing how B2B companies use their data to gain competitive advantage in today’s increasingly competitive global economy.

“Employing our new predictive analytics, B2B enterprises will be able to transform the inherently complex layers of their company-wide B2B Big Data into extremely, valuable assets,” said Dr. Atul Kumar, CEO of SetLogik Inc. “We are removing the guesswork associated with point-based lead scoring models. Our mathematically proven algorithms identify which of your leads and accounts have the highest propensity to purchase; giving your sales and marketing teams an edge over the competition.”

With increasing amounts of data being generated every day, enterprises from all industries are facing increased pressure to leverage the information that will drive revenue. SetLogik is responding to this mandate through innovation that enables marketing and sales to become more efficient and productive; while contributing significantly to both the top and bottom line results. B2C companies have been at the forefront of predictive analytic development, using them extensively to nudge consumers along with purchases. “It is one thing to build predictive models, what sets us apart is our ability to deliver the benefits of the predictive analytics in real-time into CRM systems such as Eloqua and” Dr. Kumar added.

About SetLogik, Inc.

SetLogik provides B2B sales and marketing with the 100% cloud-based solution that transforms their company-wide Big Data into a powerful revenue engine. SetLogik delivers the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS solution that integrates continuous Data Quality Management (cDQM) best practices, data integration, advanced reporting, and predictive analytics seamlessly.

SetLogik’s goal is to help our customers increase sales revenue performance and marketing contribution to revenue by providing effective predictive insights that shortens the sales cycle.

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