SEO Company will report Google about 2 bad SEO Companies with Questionable SEO Techniques

Pakistan SEO Company reports 2 bad SEO Companies in Pakistan using questionable SEO Techniques for their and their clients websites says Miss. Tina General Manager Operations, she said these SEO Firms has been providing black hat web design and web development and even seo services for quite some time now

Online PR News – 08-March-2010 – – Pakistan based Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing company reports 2 bad SEO Companies in Pakistan which has been delivering web design, web development and SEO Services with black hat seo techniques used and supplied to their clients

These SEO Companies are not sticking to rules and regulations set by Google and they have been spamming around for quite some time now and trust their continues existence in search optimization and search marketing industry will get their sites penalized as well as this is a big threat to SEO Industry in Pakistan

We closely work with Google and their respective partners and we respect them for bringing free search which is helping mankind and we are very much serious to improve search optimization and search marketing image in Asia which is helping many lives earn and obtain business for their food and likewise which is helping businesses grow over the World Wide Web

We have personally noted keyword stuffing, a huge list of domain parking, as well as doorway pages, and questionable seo techniques being inserted in their own and their clients websites and this is unbearable considering other local search engine optimization and marketing companies and even web design and web development firms which risk from their questionable seo techniques

Not all customers are aware about optimization and search marketing processes and they may hire a SEO Company without reading Google guidelines for choosing a SEO Company and this is when they would put their innocent customers in trouble as well as be a black spot for SEO and SEM and even web design and web development industry in Pakistan

As we are keen to help search engines, we are keen to help these SEO Companies too, get their website neat and clean than the websites they have now, our search optimizers and search marketers and even web designers and developers can perform checks and remove the bad seo practices they have inserted in their websites but in case they are hard to stick to Google’s guidelines or clean their and their customers websites we would ask Google have a look at their search engine rankings, page rank, and penalize such SEO Companies which are playing with bad SEO Services says Tina, General Manager Operations at SEO Company

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