Coltraco Launches The New Generation Portalevel™ MAX
24 July 2012
ISO 9002 manufacturers, Coltraco Ltd designs ultrasonic equipment for a number of different industries such as offshore petrochemical, fire protection, defense and marine. Recently, the company has launched the new generation Portalevel™ MAX ultrasonic liquid level indicating device after two years of research and development. The unit was launched last month at Posidonia 2012, one of the most prestigious maritime exhibitions. Posidonia Exhibition Center, Metropolitan Expo Center is situated in Athens International Airport complex. Being in strong demand, the venue is booked for big events, company events as well as private functions. Some major events include Posidonia Golf Tournament and Posidonia Exhibition. The New Generation Portalevel™ MAX is advance level portable liquid sensor which can be used for monitoring of fire suppression systems made up of FM200™, CO2, NOVEC™, Halons and various other liquid based extinguishers. The unit is easy to use and is made up of safe for the environment ultrasonic technology. Being known for over two decades service of deploying ultrasonic safety equipment around the globe with Shipping, Navies and Offshore Petrochemical, Fire Safety and Power Generating Engineering, Coltraco is known among the best in the industry. They are currently shipping products to about 105 countries worldwide. This new generation Portalevel liquid level indicator has a single touch feature for a speedy usage. It has a backlit brand new LCD for the users to not have trouble seeing the readings in dark places. It comes with four new power settings for different cylindrical containers. This advanced new technology is also way quicker in measuring the results and bringing it in front of the user and works both on liquids and various liquid gases. It is the company’s eighth generation technology and combines the best of Admiralty Research and Naval Research traditions, providing the best detecting device so far in the market. About Coltraco Ltd Coltraco Limited is the world leader in their very niche field of Ultrasonic Instrumentation and has been in operation since 1987. They specialise in the design and manufacture of Ultrasonic Safety Management & Preventative Maintenance equipment. Their equipment is in use throughout the Marine, Shipping, Defence, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Offshore, Fire Protection, Power Generating, Industrial and Rail sectors, in 105 countries worldwide. Coltraco Ltd can be contacted via email @, via phone @ +44 207 629 8475 or through website at: