Top Sciatica Treatment In Scottsdale Now Available From Pain Specialist, Dr. V

Top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale can be difficult to pin down with so many competing specialists and viewpoints, but this much-needed area of medical expertise has never been easier to tackle thanks to the medical breakthroughs utilized by Dr. Sham Vengurlekar.

Online PR News – 24-July-2012 – Scottsdale – Scottsdale, Arizona – Top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale isn’t easy to come by. Though pain killers are commonly given in hefty doses to sciatica sufferers, this way of treating isn’t really treating it all. Dulling the pain signals with drugs isn’t really curing anything, only removing a side effect. With no reliable solution in sight, sufferers all over the country are going without the top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale.

Top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale is, however, offered by Dr. Vengurlekar. Also called Dr. V. by his friends and patients, this remarkable surgeon has over two decades of experience in aiding those suffering from long-lasting pain conditions, including sciatica. When many doctors just tell their patients to wait for the sciatica pain to subside on its own, which usually takes many months and hampers one’s quality of life, Dr. V opts for a less passive plan of action.

Top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale supplied by Dr. V. utilizes special non-invasive micro surgery to target the preliminary cause of the chronic pain. With meticulous injections of special medication, Dr. V. is able to completely reverse the pain-causing pressure on the nerve and serves to return his patients back to levels of optimal functioning.

Top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale from the one and only Dr. V. is significant in the medical realm because of its ease and safety. A simple outpatient procedure, Dr. V.’s treatment for sciatica is a painless procedure that has patients leaving medical care within hours and returning to work the very next day. And perhaps most importantly, the effects of his procedures are instantaneous. Upon the completion, the pain associated with sciatica is totally removed.

Sciatica itself is a syndrome resulting from irritation of the sciatic nerve, a large nerve found in the lowest part of the back. Pain resulting from sciatica usually occurs in this area. In addition to pain, which can be anywhere from slight to severe, sciatica is also associated with numbness, weakness and / or tingling in this area of the body. If you are experiencing these symptoms or you are dealing with chronic pain of any kind, the medical prowess of Dr. V. could be right for you. Contact Dr. V.’s office, the Premier Pain Institute, now and find out if you are a candidate for one of his top sciatica treatment in Scottsdale procedures.

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