Atlanta's Love Coach Teaches You How To Turn Your Flirt On

Atlanta love coach, Amber, offers a series about bringing more love into one's life with the three to having it all. This series of seminars are based on a book on the topic to be published within this year.

Online PR News – 08-March-2010 – – Atlanta, GA 03/08 - is excited to announce about the upcoming release of a women's series with the title Turning Your Flirt On. This is based on a book of the same title that is scheduled for release within this year.

The seminar series is focused on the goal of bringing in more of what every woman wants in her own existence. Basically, the whole concept of this seminar lies on the core belief that every individual, men and women alike, should start working on their inner self.

It is the individual that serves as the foundation of all the love and positive vibes going on. The individual's positive view of the self determines the very energy that is elicited from the other beings surrounding the individual. Therefore, a healthy and strong love for the self should be developed first and foremost.

After the first step, it is time to radiate and let the positive vibes get out of the system and reach the surroundings. Flirting seems to be under a negative connotation for the conventional and conservative parts of the society. It is highly associated with acts that the society considers to be highly improper of an individual.

The energy of flirt, however, is not just that. It revolves around the goal of living and enjoying it. It includes the acceptance and appreciation of the beauty of the self as well as that of others. It is about being sensual and at the same time having fun.

The concept of flirting works around the idea of giving instead of simply getting something. It is all about making other feel their good qualities while exuding one's own charisma.

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Contact Person: Amber Leigh Salisbury


Phone Numbers: 1 (404) 625-4816 (from within the States)

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