StrapyaNext Launches a Brand New Site: Genius Cell

StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. A Japanese company who is one of the leading online cellphone accessory sellers in the world has launched a brand new website called Genius Cell. It mainly offers smartphone items which ships to essentially everywhere in the world.

Online PR News – 24-July-2012 – Odawara, Kanagawa Japan – StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. is a company based in Japan that specializes in selling cellphone accessories and toys online. StrapyaNext has been distributing some of the coolest, cutest, and weirdest items in the world since 2006 when they launched a site named Strapya World.

In July of 2012, StrapyaNext has released a brand new website called Genius Cell. The main concept of Genius Cell is "cool over cute" as they are targeting the male audience with the abundance of smartphone items and a very modern and stylish web-design. Although Strapya World became famous as the place where all of the "kawaii" Japanese items can be found, Genius Cell is focused on selling non-character items.

"It's about time we branch out of those Japanese character items. We have a huge girl-oriented fan base at Strapya World. But guys do not know who we are and to be completely honest, I would be a little embarrassed to surf Strapya World in front of girls because it is so cute and girly. Genius Cell is going to target all of the men around the world who is still wanting to deck out their smartphones and making them look cooler. So instead of selling a lot of cute and sparkly items, we will be selling a lot of cool, edgy, and stylish items at Genius Cell." Says Kosuke Fujii, the director of the International Sales Department of StrapyaNext.

James A. Sweatman, the person who was appointed to be in charge of Genius Cell is quoted, "We are stepping into an uncharged territory with this new site. Genius Cell is completely different from anything else we have done at StrapyaNext thus far. Genius Cell uses a different shopping cart,features different services, and we are going after the male audience between the ages of 25 and 50. When we mixed the best products Japan has to offer with the most up-to-date technology and design, Genius Cell was created. We are very excited about this project."

Genius Cell is the new place for all men to look for the latest and the coolest smartphone items. Go to and check out what the hype is all about!