BustedMugshots.com Links & Pictures Now Deleted In 48 Hours: Mugshot Removal From RemoveSlander.com

RemoveSlander.com can delete dead and active links from sites like Bustedmugshots.com and Gotchamugshot.com in less than 48 hours.

Online PR News – 22-July-2012 – Austin, Texas – RemoveSlander.com has just announced that they can remove both active and dead mugshot links from sites like Bustedmugshots.com, Gotchamugshots.com, Florida.Arrests.org, South Carolina.arrests.org, and Georgia.Arrests.org. Many of these sites offer a way for consumers to delete their mugshot photos from the actual mugshot websites, but unfortunately the mugshot links still remain in Google.

How To Remove BustedMugshots.com Dead Links?

Despite the fact that Google has made a recent attempt to disqualify many of the mugshot websites from participating in their Adsense services, the search engine giant has still done nothing to decrease the ranking strength of mugshot websites. Even if an arrested individual has paid a site like Bustedmugshots.com to remove their mugshot, it could still mean that their mugshot will remain in Google for months after their payment has been processed.

RemoveSlander.com offers a complete service that will not only delete the mugshot from sites like Bustedmugshots.com, but also get the link deleted in Google within 48 hours.

Tyronne Jacques the author of How To Fight Google And Win says that For-Profit Mug Shot web sites are here to stay unless legislators step in.

“What we are witnessing here is the worst side of the internet in which public records are being exploited for profit. Sites like Georgia.arrests.org and Bustedmugshots.com are cashing in on the unfortunate circumstances of everyday people, which can make it very challenging to move forward from a very difficult period in life.”

Mugshot website collect public information from Sheriff‘s sites all across the country and then post those same mug shots on their sites. Once the mugshot has been successfully copied and published in Google, the owner of the mugshot website will then place a payment button attached to a service fee in order to have the photo removed.

RemoveSlander.com has emerged has the leader in protecting the online privacy of citizens arrested in counties whereas the sheriff’s departments have an active policy of posting recent arrests photos. RemoveSlander.com has been successful in removing sites like Florida.Arrests.org, Bustedmugshots.com, Mugshotworld.com, Gotchamugshot.com, MugshotUSA.com, Keywestmugshots.com, and Mugme.com in as little as 60 minutes.

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