Gecko Software Revolutionizes Trading Robots with Their Programming Free Autopilot Plugin

Gecko Software has revolutionized the trading robot market with their unique autopilot plug-in that allows traders to develop their own automated trading system, regardless of whether or not they have programming skills.

Online PR News – 23-July-2012 – Providence – Utah USA July 21, 2012 - Trading robots are becoming increasingly popular among traders for a variety of reasons but mainly because they take the emotions out of trading. Once the robot is programmed with a particular set of trading conditions, it executes them exactly, with no emotion. This usually means traders can increase their profits substantially because there are fewer chances of mistakes being made.

However, there is one major flaw that most trading robots share, namely that one either needs to be able to program their own trading robot. Otherwise, they need to use the trading robots available on the market, which come with pre-programmed trading systems that are not always successful nor can they be modified for different market conditions.

This is why Gecko Software's Autopilot/Robot Trading Plug-in for their Track 'n Trade platform is such a breath of fresh air. This plug-in allows any trader to create their own trading robot using the trading system of their choice. One doesn't need any programming skills and with a few clicks of the mouse button, one can have a trading robot up and running in minutes.

The software comes with a sleek and user-friendly graphical interface, which means traders simply make their selections in terms of entry and exit strategies and they're done. There are plenty of options available so traders can create their strategy as they see fit. Since it is a trading robot, there is also an option where the computer can recommend the best setting, giving less experienced traders a starting point.

Once the trading robot is up and running, it can be modified at any time and the computer can recommend the most profitable options, based on analysis of statistical data. Essentially, this plug-in from Gecko Software makes it almost impossible for traders not to make money.

Gecko Software has been in the trading business for nineteen years and has developed a multitude of award-winning trading software programs and strategies. They are constantly at the forefront of innovation, making the life of the retail trader much easier.

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