Nutritional Product Developer, Dr. Chris Cormier, Offers Chiropractors A Healthy Way To Help Patients

Every day it seems that there is a new dietary supplement being introduced. Often, these supplements are created based on limited research as to their benefits for the human body. At other times, supplements are created based on someone else's research that may or may not be repeatable and verifiable. However, there occasionally appears a healthcare professional who is intent on helping his patience reach a state of wellness and who creates a dietary supplement designed to help patients reach this goal.

Online PR News – 08-March-2010 – – Lafayette, LA 02/23/10 -- Dr. Chris Cormier is pleased to announce that he has formulated two dietary supplements that other chiropractors can offer their patients in the same way that he sells them to his own patients.

One product is made completely from fruits and contains over 11 antioxidants that help the body to eliminate free radicals and purge certain toxins. The other product is made from 13 different food items that are considered whole foods in and of themselves. This combination provides 80 different vitamins and minerals, including trace metals, that help the body each day.

Both products were formulated by Dr. Cormier himself and he has been marketing them to his own patients for years. He now offers other chiropractors around the country the opportunity to offer the same high-quality nutritional supplements to their patients in their efforts to help their patients reach a state of wellness.

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