Leslie Pratch, Ph.D.

A Clinical Approach to Management Assessment

Online PR News – 08-March-2010 – – A Clinical Approach to Management Assessment – RASBIC Panel

Leslie Pratch , Ph.D. was hired by the Booth School of Business at The University of Chicago to find a way to assess which high-achieving M.B.A. candidates would be most likely to emerge as successful leaders. The personality assessment strategies she devised to solve that problem she now uses to help companies choose senior executives from among high-achieving executives. She also makes Active Coping Assessments as part of coaching programs for executives who want to enhance their resiliency to deal with the stresses in managing businesses today. She and her panelists will share with RASBIC how her clinical method works, other methods to management due diligence, and the lessons from their collective experiences.

Pratch & Company advises organizations on the human dimensions of executing corporate strategy. We work with private equity investors, senior executives, and corporate directors to assess the leadership potential of executives whose functioning is vital to the success of buyouts, turnarounds, and similar such transactions. We also offer coaching services designed to bring about lasting improvement in workplace effectiveness.

We use psychological assessments to improve the quality of our clients’ hiring decisions. Assessing key executives prior to hiring them or deciding whether to fund a particular proposal dramatically enhances the chances that the decision will be the right one. Given the enormous human and financial costs of hiring mistakes, an investment in a psychological assessment repays itself many times over. For more information, we invite you to visit pratchco.com.

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Our session will detail the following points:

• How to use sophisticated psychological assessments to improve the hiring and funding decisions by private equity investors.

• Our methodology has been rigorously tested and published in academic journals. It permits us to make fine-grained distinctions and powerful predictions not possible using other assessment approaches.

• By assessing an executive’s readiness to seize opportunities, identify threats, and make shrewd decisions, we can predict the likelihood that the executive will be able to meet the expectations, deadlines, and timetables upon which the success of the transaction depends.

• A central issue we examine is how executives will handle the emotional stress caused by challenging business situations. This more than any other individual factor will determine their ultimate effectiveness.

• New research that will soon be published is the first time anyone has examined the psychological functioning of CEOs who have been judged as successful by investors. Using this research, we are now better able to help such investors make better hiring and funding decisions.