YachtBooker Celebrates 10 Years On The Yacht Charter Market

As it celebrates its centenial anniversary, YachtBooker is announcing a number of new ventures and improvements aimed at improving the yacht charter experience for its customers.

Online PR News – 18-July-2012 – Munchen, Germany – During the 10 years since it's been online, YachtBooker has had only one goal: to improve and to expand yacht charter as a business and as a touristic activity by bridging the gap between customers and yacht charter companies and to offer everyone the most out of their yacht charter experience.

YachtBooker is the world's largest reservation system for yacht charter. It allows hundreds of charter brokers from around the world to login, search and book charters for their clients. Alternatively, clients who don't want to go through a charter broker can search for offers directly from the charter providers that use the YachtBooker system.

For those who want to maximize their chances of finding a good deal on a boat charter or, alternatively for those boat owners who want to be found faster and easier, YachtBooker recommends the YachtFinder® search engine they've been constantly developing, improving and expanding. This system is designed to be easy-to-use and offer the most relevant information, giving the user the possibility to refine their search based on a number of criteria. During the 10 years it’s been online, YachtBooker's YachtFinder® search engine has reached over 4000 yachts available for hire in 40 countries from around the Globe including the biggest destinations like Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Italy in the main yacht charter destinations on the 5 continents.

Based on the experience YachtBooker has accumulated during the 10 years it's been providing yacht charter services, it has established that quality is very important for customers and so it introduced a standard initiative for quality which is called YachtCheck®. It aims to rank different yachts with a number of stars based on a series of predetermined features and services, which is pretty similar to the way in which hotels receive stars. This was done as a way to offer charter clients a guarantee of services and quality. YachtCheck® is made up of two separate parts: quality certification which consists of awarding charter companies from 1 to 5 stars following regular inspections, and the customer reviews which are more subjective and which rely on the testimonies of previous clients to offer some insight into the yacht’s current condition and equipment.

In an effort to make the yacht charter business an enjoyable experience not only for customers but also for providers and companies, YachtBooker has developed YachtSys®, a complete back-office solution and easy online planning tool that is aimed at maximizing efficiency and income for those who charter yachts for a living. This software is constantly being upgraded and improved based on the feedback from charter operators who use it on a daily basis so that it’s tailored specifically to their needs.

With so many projects under its belt, you'd think YachtBooker couldn’t go any further, but you'd be wrong. Striving for excellence in today's competitive yacht charter market is a full-time job and YachtBooker has many plans to expand and improve the quality of its services by adding full customer support, a complete makeover of the existing site to make it more user-friendly as well as visually pleasing and last but not least, the launch of a new iPhone app that will allow for easy browsing of offers directly on your phone.

So join the revolution at Yachtbooker.com and learn to maximize your yacht charter experience with the world's largest reservation system for yacht charter.

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YachtBooker is the world's largest reservation system for yacht charter with partners all over the world that can offer the best deals on yachts and also specializez in yacht charter back office solutions.

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