March 7, 2010 Los Angeles, CA Dean Scheu of HSI Communications talks advertising in emerging technologies

People can use various advertising media to give promotion to emerging technologies.

Online PR News – 07-March-2010 – – They can use internet as the source of valuable information on emerging technologies. Trying to capture digital consumers' increasingly fragmented attention and please advertisers with targeted and measurable ads across multiple new media platforms is an arduous task. But progress has been made, and broadband streaming video, user-generated content, VOD, even tiny mobile screens, become hot ad platforms.

Interactive advertising uses online or offline interactive media to communicate with consumers and to promote products, brands, services, and public service announcements, corporate or political groups. An effective interactive advertising campaign drives traffic, creates awareness and converts online traffic into prospects and customers. "Interactive advertising is a powerful marketing tool to initiate customer interaction and effectively empower your branding and sales initiatives", says Dean Scheu, President of HSI Communications. "By allowing your customers to connect with you, interactive media gets them interested and increases sales response rates," adds Scheu.

Interactive television turns passive TV-watching into yet another engaging digital media experience that marketers can make a part of their advertising mix. Interactive television advertising offers brands a unique and highly personal way to interact with consumers. Technology developments in digital TV will only increase the operational capability of interactive TV as well as make services easier and more cost-effective to deploy.

About Dean Scheu
Dean Scheu is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts in interactive advertising. Scheu has been involved with include: The William Morris Company, 247 Media Group, Inc., Stan Lee Media, Sony Entertainment, Viacom, Universal, Disney,
MGM, Paramount, AOL-Time Warner, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, TheWB, all the major Advertising Agencies, the major Cable Networks, Cable MSO's, DirecTV, Echostar, Microsoft, Intel, Talent Agencies and various equipment & software manufactures. Dean Scheu started in the TV business working for the NFL NY Football Giants in Media Relations. Scheu has held TV management positions with some of the largest Media companies in the world including; Tribune Broadcasting, Comcast, MTM Entertainment, Petry Television, Charter and others. He is a common guest speaker at industry events- ie. Digital Hollywood. Scheu is also a member of the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences, and has raised funds for various local charities, including St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank CA.