Jeju Special Co offers citrus product from the unpolluted environment of Mt Halla at Jeju Island

Jeju Special Co is a citrus food product producer based in the southern tip of Korean Peninsula

Online PR News – 19-July-2012 – Jeju City – Jeju Special Co offers citrus products made from citrus fruits grown in an pollution free environment .The fruits used for making the bi products at Jeju Special Co are especially grown in a fantastic island named Jeju. Jeju Special Co ensures that the fruits from which they make the bi-products like citron sause are grown in a naturally fertile soil without the use of any toxic manure .The citrus product that you can enjoy from Jeju Special Co is made from the fruits grown in pure air ,by the clean seaside of Pacific Ocean and Mt Halla.
Jeju Special Co has a geographical distribution of 1,800 plants where they grow the citrus fruit, which gets processed in a very scientific manner to be enjoyed by people all over. Jeju Special Co is known locally and internationally for the quality and the standard of the citrus products .Jeju Special Co is well experienced in the business of manufacturing citrus products as they have been engaged in this business since the year 1994.Jeju Special Co produces excellent quality of citron tea and also exports it internationally. Jeju Special Co’s relentless effort in maintaining the standard has built up a very good reputation for them and they have been enjoying customer’s good will under the brand name of Daha.
Jeju Special Co is now confident to put its age old experience of developing citrus product into use and create several new products like Kumquat tea using the right proportions of material like Citron, Lemon, Kumquat, Sudachi, and so on. Jeju Special Co is not only focused on the commercial side of the business, it also aspires to provide its farmer the best possible facilities like high income, health insurances etc which demonstrates a very noble philosophy of the company. So now you can enjoy the citrus products with a touch of humanity as the profit that is generated in the business will finally contribute to the well being of the farmers who actually grow the raw material for the business.
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