FANUC and Moss Team Up to Provide Robotics Education

Robotics Industry Leader Provides Robust Training Program

Online PR News – 19-July-2012 – Des Moines, IA – FANUC Robotics America, leading supplier of robotic automation, announces a partnership with Moss to provide robust robotics training and certification programs in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Supplying over 250,000 industrial robots worldwide, FANUC is the market-share leader in industrial robotics. They have designed an integrated training program for community colleges and technical high schools in order to train and provide job-ready skills and certification.

In manufacturing environments, robotics are a vital component to a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, consumer goods, food, machine tool, pharmaceutical, and many others. FANUC offers simulation packages, application software, controls, and integrated iRVision products. They focus on developing high-quality products featuring intelligence, ultra-precision, high functionality, and high reliability in product development. Their team of highly-skilled, experienced engineers trained to assist customers ensures that production operates in top condition and contributes to high productivity.

Schools will be able to partner with and implement FANUC’s Certified Education Robot Training in order to train students in Advanced Automated Manufacturing. Students will come away with an advanced, hands-on experience needed to have success in today’s manufacturing jobs. The CERT Program certifies instructors in high schools, trade schools, community colleges and universities to train their students to program FANUC robots through online and hands-on training courses.

Students and employees in local companies alike can benefit from the training provided, enhancing opportunities for those looking to diversify their skill set. As more companies incorporate robotics into their operations, the demand for high paying careers related to designing, implementing, and using industrial robots is increasing.

“FANUC Robots are found in over 75% of manufacturers that use robotics on the production floor. The ability to utilize FANUC training systems at the high school and college level provides invaluable experience, and a host of job ready skills,” said Grant Thies, Moss President. “Moss is excited to partner with an industry leader. We are focused on providing education, training and equipment for career-ready students, and this partnership is a perfect fit with our mission to provide only the best training and equipment on the market.”

About Moss: Founded in 1969, Moss is the largest, most progressive technology education supplier in the Upper Midwest. We supply educational and industrial training solutions, specializing in engineering and manufacturing. We are able to customize solutions for each school or business based on unique needs and capabilities. Contact us today at 800-822-4048 or visit us at

About FANUC: FANUC Robotics America Corporation is the leading supplier of robotic automation. Over 250,000 FANUC robots are installed worldwide, and payload capabilities ranging from 0.5kg to 1,350kg working in a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, consumer goods, food, machine tool, pharmaceutical, and many others. For more information, visit