Userlytics Launches Free Subscription

The new Freemium platform allows for usability, user experience, and voice of the customer feedback to be conducted as part of a daily routine for product managers, designers, developers, marketers and market researchers.

Online PR News – 17-July-2012 – San Francisco – Userlytics Corporation has announced the launch of the first Freemium Customer Experience, Usability, & User Experience Platform,

The platform brings the cost of receiving real time insights from prospects and customers to zero, as well as facilitating easy recruitment of target Personas for critical feedback through the use of a wide variety of social media platforms.

Free subscribers can conduct up to 7 feedback sessions a month (Basic Plan), or can add additional slots for as low as $1.56 per respondent (Silver Plan) and $0.99 per respondent (Gold Plan).

Our goal is to ensure that all employees learn from their clients every day by observing them interacting with websites advertisements and products.

Depending upon the type of plan or product chosen, allows for iterative testing of websites, desktop & enterprise software, advertisements and videos, tablet & smartphone apps, low & high fidelity prototypes, concept sketches, wireframes and much more.

By making it extremely easy, simple and affordable to receive feedback and learn from customers on a daily basis, aims to transform the way in which companies learn from their clients:

According to Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics: "Far too often customer learning has been relegated to infrequent project based approaches, as well as limited in its use and diffusion to a small number of employees."

"Our goal is to ensure that all employees learn from their clients every day by observing them interacting with websites, advertisements and products."

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