8MAN Access Management now extends to external trusted and non-trusted domains

8MAN version 4.4 is now available to download

Online PR News – 18-July-2012 – Berlin – The latest version of 8MAN, from protected-networks.com GmbH, supports the inclusion of external non-trusted domains within its access management control portal. This feature is especially beneficial for IT service providers as it allows for the installation of 8MAN within Active Directory to manage multiple external file servers in an external network and also benefits organisations with subsidiaries and sister companies. This feature is useful for companies involved in acquisitions or mergers, who will need to accommodate multiple environments simultaneously.

With version 4.4, 8MAN now supports the inclusion of external non-trusted domains, which has direct benefits to large global organisations with several independent domains. This allows group memberships across domains and offices by providing graphical insight and tools to manage complex trusted relationships. This feature can also be especially beneficial for IT service providers as it allows you to install 8MAN in your Active Directory and manage multiple external file servers in an external network, and thereby multiple clients simultaneously.

It is now possible to more accurately define and configure the collectors, which can be provided with access to the selected 8MAN resources. For each individual access (such as scan, update, or any other inquiry), the collector with the lowest load (memory consumption, CPU load) at the time is automatically selected. As a result 8MAN is able to dynamically distribute the load of many tasks which significantly improves scan speed and performance.

In a Microsoft Active Directory environment, access rights security is identified as the weakest link, leaving client sensitive data highly vulnerable to breaches and other security risks. 8MAN addresses this limitation; it is a fully integrated software solution that manages the Active Directory, file server and SharePoint access rights. It limits access rights to a “need to know” basis, thereby significantly mitigating data security risks.

“The release of this latest version of 8MAN means that the benefits enjoyed within leading organisations in our customer base can now be extended outside of the organisation. Both for trusted and non-trusted domains,” commented Gurmit Singh, UK Sales Director.

About protected-networks: Founded in 2009, protected-networks GmbH is a Berlin-based company that develops integrated solutions for access rights management of server environments across all business sectors and at public authorities. The solution, 8MAN is an Information Trust Software based on an innovative approach to integrated data security management and offers uniform and automated management of user rights. Clients thereby save cost and time while increasing protection against unauthorised internal access.