EMG Live Fitness – Exercise Enters the High Tech Arena

Life in our faced paced world requires creative fitness solutions. EMG Live Fitness provides an alternative to the “big box” gym, allowing the user to tailor their exercise routine to fit their lifestyle.

Online PR News – 17-July-2012 – Hamburg, NJ. – Online fitness classes are growing in popularity and EMG Live Fitness is on the cutting edge of this technology. EMG has received positive reviews from the NY Times and on Dr. Oz’s website, You Beauty (youbeauty.com) as a top pick for online workout websites. Live, streaming fitness classes are growing in popularity as a way to add variety to exercise routines and EMG Live Fitness is making full use of this technology to provide exercises live, from a variety of locations nationwide.

The owner, Joyce Wells, started EMG Live Fitness as a way for people who do not access to a gym to workout – affordably.

“I want to change the industry,” says Wells, in the Times article, “This isn’t the bodybuilder crowd,” she says. “It’s for people that either aren’t ready or don’t have the time to get to the gym, but still care about their health. It’s also for people who do not live in the city and do not have access to classes of this quality”.

EMG Live Fitness offers classes that are not coming live from one studio, but from studios all over the country, led by some of the most sought after celebrity fitness instructors. The schedule includes one to two workouts per weekday that include Jersey Cycle, Yoga, V-Core Workout and Jeni-Fit at the Barre, among others. Participants are given a better variety of classes than a stand-alone gym and membership is free – one only pays for the classes they wish to attend, on a pay-by-view basis. This feature takes the hassle out of committing to long-term contracts and paying for unused or unwanted services.

“EMG Live Fitness provides a fitness video platform and portal, by which, students can now select from multiple genres without commitment to a singular gym and without travelling from place to place”, says Wells.

EMG Live Fitness (www.emglivefitness.com) is a platform/website where the most sought after fitness instructors are linked with the fitness enthusiast while not actually being in the same physical location. EMG is the brainchild of streaming fitness expert Joyce Wells. Her vision is to bring the most sought after instructors virtually out of their studios and into any town, city or borough in the country, or world. EMG Live Fitness is a woman owned company based in Hamburg, New Jersey. For more information visit http://www.emglivefitness.com, call 908-228-2339, or e-mail Info@Emglivefitness.com.

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