Deals Magazine Uses New Billboard to Advertise Free Business Seminar

Campaign targets I-90 commuters in Deals Magazine’s hometown and invites local business owners to a free seminar.

Online PR News – 18-July-2012 – Des Plaines/IL – In an effort to spread the word about its subscriber-defined shopping areas and exclusive deals, Deals Magazine recently launched an advertising campaign that targets commuters near its Des Plaines headquarters. A recently purchased high-resolution billboard by Yesco Electronics will help Deals Magazine capture new, targeted buyers in Chicagoland’s northwest suburbs.

The billboard includes two 16mm signs that are approximately 22' x 22' and contain nearly 170,000 pixels made up of more than 500,000 LEDs each.

Among the first advertising campaigns displayed on the digital sign are the promotion of deals and incentives for sign-up.

“Deals Magazine allows subscribers to find deals in the areas most relevant to their daily lives, and this new digital billboard is helping us attract the kind of subscribers this model works best for,” said Dante A. Monteverde, Deals Magazine Online Marketing Director.

“Our patent-pending software lets subscribers design their own shopping areas that can include places they live, work and play, as well as the routes they frequent between destinations. By placing our digital billboard off of I-90, we are capturing buyers in Chicagoland’s northwest suburbs.”

The large LED billboard can be seen just past the Lee Street exit on I-90 in Des Plaines, and it is viewed by an average of 200,000 drivers each week.

“We have been testing a variety of concepts, starting with a $5 for $20 account credit deal and an iPad giveaway that generated a lot of traffic to the site,” said Monteverde. “Our latest concept advertises our second Grow Your Business Seminar on July 25.”

This free seminar is designed to help local business owners grow their businesses through website usability, social media and search engine optimization.

“With the success of our first seminar, we have once again partnered with Website Magazine to give local business owners tips and best practices to growing their business through the Internet,” said Monteverde. “Our family of companies has been in the Internet field since its inception, so we can offer unique insights to local businesses that will help them drive sales and increase profitability. The seminars also offer a new way to reinforce the long-term partnerships we have established.”

For more information on Deals Magazine, visit, or to register for the free Grow Your Business Seminar to be held at 999 E Touhy, Des Plaines, IL 60088, visit