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Online PR News – 18-July-2012 – Brighton – For immediate release

Summary: This PR is to announce to readers that the website has unveiled some great reviews of the latest dj products. The latest Vestax VCI-3OO is a product which has taken the digital DJ world by storm. Their another product Kontrol X1 DJ Controller can be used with any DJ software and it’s features includes an impressive array of controls and effects.


California, 14th July, 2012: The Traktor dj controller is one of the products reviewed by the company, best suited for composers, producers who can use directly from their home. The MIDI revolution created a great impact by the use of Keyboard MIDI Controllers and the Hybrid machines were able to converge the features of multiple devices together. The dj technology has travelled a long way moving from easy turntable systems to the latest Dj Midi technology.

The Dj equipment market has recently launched the Numark Mixdeck Universal DJ system which has an incredible sound system with a dimension of 11.5 *24.5*4 inches. The Numark Mixdeck will definitely implement flawless operation and full control support.

The Serato Scratch V 2.4.2 is used for assimilation and scratching the music files which is stored in your computer. This dj gear is supported by many operating systems such as Mac OS 10.5+, Windows XP etc. All these features of DJ controllers will enable to hung with up in the DJ world.

Yet another instrument reviewed by the DJ Midi controller includes the “Native Instruments S4” which has certain unique features. It includes Integrated 4 deck Tracktor with 4 channel mixer and a cirrus logic converter to exhibit a great sound track. The Tracktor Kontrol S4 is extremely strong when compared with other Instruments and it has blown the marketplace with its exclusive features.

The laptop Dj Midi Controller is outstand and is easily connected with the Dj sound system. It is used by many music composers to provide intuitive control over their music production systems.

Further if you have any questions relating to the Dj Midi controllers, then feel free to visit the website

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