Podar Jumbokids to conduct a seminar for Parents & Teachers to help understand kids better

Preschool chain Podar Jumbo Kids along with International Brain Experts- Dr. Anne & Stephen Rushton to conduct seminar on 'Parenting'. Reclusive brain experts Dr. Anne & Stephen Rushton will visit India for a seminar on parenting using brain research organised by Preschool chain Podar Jumbo Kids. The seminar will be centerd around the subject- ' The art of Parenting' which will be accompanied by several brain research insights useful for parents & teachers

Online PR News – 06-March-2010 – – "A child's brain functions better when given a chance to question,'' said Dr Stephen Rushton, reclusive brain expert from the University of Florida, who along with his wife Anne, is in Mumbai to conduct a two-day workshop to help parents and educators understand brain development in children.
The workshop, which will be conducted over this weekend, will shed light on Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP), a lesser-known term in India that is fast getting recognition in the US.
"The architecture of our brain is very complicated, but it has the tendency to allow experiences we have to shape itself in response to the environment,'' said Rushton. After studying the importance of various parts of the brain, he started writing books along with his wife to educate people on how it functions. "Every time we pressurise our children to do something, we tend to send negative signals to their brains, leading to stress. Our aim is to teach parents and teachers how they can use our approach to enhance their child's psychology,'' he added.

Says Swati Popat Vats, President Podar Education Network "Every mother knows when her child is hungry, how much he will eat, his favourite toy, when he learned to walk or talk. But do most mothers know about eye movement fixation? Or at what age children learn to control their impulses or that the more touching experiences you give a child the more his brain connections develop? We want the parents and the educators to understand brain development so that they can ensure the growth and success of children based on research practises and not on stress based techniques. We are proud to partner with Dr. Stephen Rushton and Dr. Anne Rushton."

"Mostly, students are talked to, and not heard in class. If we give them a chance to participate in conversations by asking questions, their brains are stimulated.''

On day one of the workshop, the speakers will interact with principals and teachers from schools around the city. On the second day, there will be a three-hour interactive session with parents. "We want them to leave the workshop with a sigh of relief and go home with new methods of bringing up their kids,'' said Rushton.