Author James McCarthy releases a gravely intriguing crime thriller – The Coffin Maker

A dangerously captivating crime thriller – flawlessly blended with a noxious brew of intimidation, drug smuggling and murder.

Online PR News – 17-July-2012 – Kent, England – The Plot
From behind the headstones the laser beams from the machine guns settle on the target; coffin maker, Pat O’Donnell. He is unwillingly digging a grave in the old colony cemetery on Achill Island for these thugs, and they will not hesitate to use their fire power. Who is he digging the grave for and why are they pointing their guns at him?
This nocturnal grave digging puzzles him, but he might well be digging his own last resting place if the information has leaked out that he is working undercover with Garda Detective John O’Neill trying to identify the reclusive drug lord, The Big Fellah. Pat has a score to settle with him; his gunmen had forced Pat’s pregnant wife off the M50 to her death.
He has had other traumas in his life, an adopted orphan who suffered abuse, but the loss of his wife is the most devastating event that has ever happened to him. He misses her everyday.
Midway into the dig a man and a woman alight from a jeep. Even in the half-light he can see she is beautiful, but what is she doing here with these killers? She is a stranger, yet, he feels drawn to her and her mysterious background.
Reluctantly he finds himself caught up in a web of fear, intimidation, drug smuggling, and murder.

Author James McCarthy says “This is an absorbing fast-paced thriller with conflicting relationships between the characters. Coffin maker, Pat O’Donnell finds himself reluctantly caught up in a web of fear, intimidation, drug smuggling, and murder. He is an orphan who was abused by his guardians and when provoked his violent multiple personalities surface.
Teresa is unwillingly in the drama. She is a stranger to Pat, and as the story unfolds he feels drawn to her appealing nature, her mysterious background and the tangents of themes and interests her life has taken. What is she doing at the graveside with these killers? Be sure to read to find out more...”

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