The first anniversary of’s ideation phase, the team reminisces about the journey so far
07/17/2012 is an online grocery shopping portal that provides free home delivery across NCR (Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi). Customers can shop from more than 10,000 SKUs and avail best rates and offers in their every order.

Online PR News – 17-July-2012 – Gurgaon, Haryana – It has been just 365 days now, but for team it has been an experience worth decades. The team learnt and blossomed in a special way; starting with a handful of employees to a strong team; from beginning services within Gurgaon to proliferating the services across entire NCR (Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon), has aggressively been moving towards achieving the targeted goals.

Same time previous year, core team had conceptualized the business idea after exhaustive market research trying to understand the customers’ psyche and grocery shopping needs. The team today remembers how the research revealed some of the major inattentive problems being faced by the customers in grocery shopping: lack of one Service Provider with multiple location-based services, irregularities in their services, delay in the order processing and order delivery, and most importantly instances when few companies began providing their services but shut down in no time, additionally, product expiry has been one of the major dissatisfying areas.

“To overcome the challenges that customers face in grocery shopping, team conducted proper on-the-ground research, adopted disruptively innovative business model, optimized our supply chain, built our knowledge of the Indian taxation systems and put together a very robust system and process for great customer experience management,” elaborates Sanjeev Jha, MD & Chief Business Architect of

It was a gargantuan task ahead to convince the customers to try’s services. The customers have been accustomed to their routine grocery shopping that includes either contacting their local kirana shops or paying regular visits to the nearby super marts.

The team, during the research, met a few customers who were initially okay with the services available but on probing, mentioned, “There is a little catch to the story, as you know, people in Gurgaon do not have many options in this, there is no one who delivers the same day. We are habituated to using whatever services that are being offered to us and I think we are too accustomed for a change” adds Reema, working mother of two kids, DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon. This clearly showed that customers were looking for a change and were trying ways to experience convenient grocery shopping.
“Reaching out to customers was a daunting task. As a startup we did not have many options of expensive-advertising. However, our ingenious team used the User Generated Content (UGC) and various social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc to communicate to our customers. This proved highly advantageous.” informs Amal Sivaji, GM, Strategy and Solutions of, “Our team’s senior executives visited the apartments across Gurgaon, met the families there and tried to understand their monthly grocery requirements. now provides customized grocery packages to all our customers depending upon their consumption patterns and need, accordingly we also determine the best prices, deals and discounts that we eventually pass on to our customers.” adds Amal Sivaji.

“Sourcing of products is another cumbersome task and to maintain more than 10,000 SKUs needs robust supply chain management. The tax structure is a bit tricky to understand as well. Generally customers would perceive that the ‘online grocery portals’ would source the products, after receiving the orders, from twenty odd different sources and then provide them to the customers. To overcome this perception, launched its own state-of-the art warehouse in Gurgaon, where we allow customers walk-in and they can shop from more than 3,500-4,000 unique SKUs including groceries, organic food, baby care products, cosmetics, kitchen essentials, stationery items, electrical items etc.” mentions Kamlesh Kumar, AGM, Procurement & Supply Chain of

Not to allow the challenges to affect the company’s business in any way, had their strategies set in the right way.’s procurement team has been working with only those company dealers who conformed to the company’s policies/terms and conditions. As an alternative, in case the dealer(s) were not available, contacted the product manufacturers for all further procurements.
The team did exhaustive studies in selecting the brands’/companies’ products to be included in the list of 10,000 SKUs. The team conducted demand-supply studies to understand the seasonal demand of products, products preferences by a particular segment of customers etc.

“Apart from all the interesting findings, one of the key learning for the team was the requirement of a Centralized Order Processing System to provide better order processing and delivery services to our customers.” says Amal Sivaji

Currently, is the only online grocery shopping portal that provides multi-lingual customer service facilities. Providing regional cuisines is’s another silver bullet.

“Our management team is in communication with a few investors and very soon we will be launching our services across three major cities in India. We are also planning to expand our SKUs, and provide vegetables and fruits to our customers,” signs off Amal Sivaji.