SJN Sales Helps Technology Company CEOs Build Their Sales In Beautiful Hawaii

Sales leaders will meet in Maui and share the systems and tools that make them successful building revenue for growing tech companies. Modeled after SJN Sales' popular Rainmaking for IT Services, but limited to CEOs of companies with fully deployed, market-ready solutions.

Online PR News – 14-July-2012 – Albuquerque, New Mexico – SJN Sales is inviting up to eight high-technology CEOs to join them in beautiful Lahaina, Maui for three days of sales effectiveness training just for technology company chief executives. The program was planned with one goal: to make 2012 and 2013 sales numbers meet or exceed goals.

This isn't sales training 101. SJN Sales’ outsourced technology sales teams add new customers for software and technology services providers every day. They're going to meet in Maui and share the systems and the tools that make them successful closing sales for their clients.

These tools and systems are for CEOs who know that they have to be the key sales leaders in their organizations, no matter how great the staff they have on hand. This training is also a life-raft for CEOS who must handle the sales to build revenue for their growing tech companies--even those rare CEOs who hate selling.

This program, modeled after SJN’s popular Rainmaking for IT Services program, is limited to CEOs of companies with fully deployed, market-ready systems, services, and solutions.

Some of the knowledge shared:

• The SJN system for profiting from trade shows and conventions without buying a booth
• How to reach the contact who can sign a check, at any company in under three calls
• How to avoid getting sent down to IT or a mid-level manager
• 3 ways to know when to outsource sales
• 2 surefire measurements to judge your current sales force
• 4 profitable replacements for free trials and downloads

They'll break out by technology specialty and by vertical target market. Whether selling cloud-based services into financial markets or healthcare; security solutions to enterprise or government contractors, or any of the other hundred plus industry/technology combinations SJN Sales teams have worked with since 1999, they'll have the technology and vertical market experts on hand. These experienced, tested trainers will offer guidance and specific planning for what needs to happen to finish 2012 ahead of goal--and to set 2013 up for even better success.

In beautiful Lahaina, Hawaii, participants will also have time to snorkel, golf, hike, and make new connections with other executives that know exactly what the issues and challenges are when building revenue in today’s market. This isn’t the right program for business development or sales executives; the sessions are designed exclusively for the selected company leaders to spend time with each other, and the sales experts from SJN. So that everyone can speak freely, participants are limited to the leaders of companies that do not compete with one another.

Participants will spend three days in paradise, returning with a complete plan including all that is needed to make the company's 2012 sales numbers exceed goals and 2013 break records. They will also receive continuous coaching from an SJN sales leader, to help keep plans on track in the vital weeks and months ahead.

For more information and an application please email
Current available dates remain August 24-27, 2012.

SJN has helped hundreds of software and diversified technology service companies build their sales over the past fourteen years. We work in small teams on an outsourced basis to dynamically match business contacts with problems and our clients' best-in-class solutions. SJN clients range from one-man shops with a very special technical expertise to a virtual menu of companies that have made an impact in high technology since 1998.

The SJN technical sales teams built careers at companies like McKesson, Oracle, Dell, HP, IBM and a host of successful and very optimistic start-ups. We received world-class training, street smarts, and cemented the relationships that make us successful closing sales for our clients.

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