Inventify Service for Better Yahoo Store Management at IndiaNIC

Do you ever feel disappointed when you want to buy a product and it is unavailable? Isn’t it more disappointing and even irritating at times that there is no response or any acknowledgment made by the providers? Or even worst that there is no way you can make sure that your request is notified and responded to when the products are available. If you have been in this situation then the answer for you is In Stock Notification System-Inventify.

Online PR News – 05-March-2010 – – Mar 05, 2010, IndiaNIC LLC; USA (1285, Montecito Ave #43, Mountain View, CA – 94043) – IndiaNIC, a leading software development company, feels proud to announce the starting of development services in field of Yahoo Store Design.

As a customer you may have experienced that you want particular product on e-commerce store but that product is not available. At such moment you may feel disappointed a lot. This disheartening intensify when that particular product is unavailable even in the market or it is unique one on that particular e-commerce store. What will you think? You may think that if I am going to inform the owner by email it will take time and may be my mail is not attended.

Similarly as an e-commerce store owner you will be frustrated when you lately come to know that particular product is unavailable to your patrons and this happens frequently if you have large inventory or large number of products. As every problem has its solutions IndiaNIC offers solution for this problem too and it is In Stock Notification System-Inventify.

The sole and main function of Inventify is to keep the customers updated about the availability of various products on Yahoo Store. When any visitor visits the store and there is unavailability of any product in the stock occurs Inventify sends you a notification email to acknowledge this simultaneously it also provides a notification request to the customer on the product page. This action assures your patrons that the store owner is informed now. Besides this Inventify also assure that the customer will be informed whenever the product is place back in the Yahoo Store. This way Inventify acts at both ends and keep relaxed the store owner and its clienteles.

In short the Inventify services at IndiaNIC will prove stimulation for your Yahoo Store by and large. Here is some features of Inventify has been described.
• FULLY Automatic Request Processing
• One time Set up
• Compatible with ANY Yahoo! Store
• Monitor Requests
• Check Frequency of unavailability
• Google Map Enabled (for location preview)
• Product Wise Requests Listing
• Category Specific Requests Listing
• Smart Chart based Reports
• Track Users
• Customized Email Templates
• Export data in CSV Format
• Automatic notification to the customer
• Database backup utility.
• Additional user Creation facility
• 1 month FREE TRIAL!

So don’t forget to contact the Yahoo Store experts at IndiaNIC if you owe a Yahoo Store.


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