SOASTA Now Provides Global Test Cloud

For an internet Cloud to be truly effective it needs to go global. Before reaching that stage, SOASTA can perform a series of tests and analytics to insure that a company’s Cloud can truly be ready for a worldwide application.

Online PR News – 14-July-2012 – Mountain View, CA – SOASTA has already established itself as the industry leader for Cloud Testing. Many e-businesses and mobile application developers have utilized SOASTA’s testing capabilities to get their product ready for launch. With the advent of the Cloud technology, SOASTA has stayed ahead of the curve by providing a comprehensive Global Test Cloud platform that allows companies to truly reach a worldwide audience.

The SOASTA staff explains: “The Global Test Cloud enables companies of all sizes to simulate traffic for load and performance testing web and mobile applications by leveraging the elasticity and power of Cloud Computing. This platform enables cross-cloud testing from today’s leading cloud providers such as Amazon EC2, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, GoGrid, CA/3Tera AppLogic, RadixCloud and Enomaly, delivering the most comprehensive and affordable global testing solution available.”

In order to accommodate this type of thorough testing, SOASTA has developed the CloudTest Grid. This is the industry’s only fully automated, cross-cloud provisioning capability. By utilizing this grid, businesses are able to reduce the cost and challenges of performance testing of their e-commerce sites and applications.

The idea behind this brand of testing is to simulate real-world usage across a variety of platforms. There could be instances when millions of users from diverse points such as London, New York or Hong Kong will be simultaneously logging on. SOASTA can help companies prepare for those spikes in traffic.

“For many of SOASTA’s customers, the emulation of real world web conditions from different geographies, different time zones, and at different levels of scale, has become increasingly important. Accurately measuring response time from various locations and balancing the load when using content data networks, such as Akamai or Amazon’s CloudFront, requires the generation of load to match, and often exceed, the expected activity on the site. Simulating real world traffic at scale ultimately builds confidence in performance.”

Bottom line: SOASTA helps online business get ready to handle customers the world over.

About SOASTA: SOASTA is the leader in cloud testing. The company’s CloudTest products and services leverage the power of cloud computing to quickly and affordably test consumer-facing Web and mobile applications at scale, providing customers with the confidence that their business-critical Web applications will be reliable and scalable, even under extreme loads. SOASTA’s customers include many of today’s most successful brands, including American Girl, Chegg, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft, and Netflix. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, California.