Beauty Farm Alhambra, for women only

Four exclusive packages to spend the International Women's Day with friends, among wellness, cuddles and shopping. Moreover, if you are four people in a room, for one girl the accomodation is free.

Online PR News – 05-March-2010 – – The month of March at the Beauty Farm Alhambra is dedicated to the women who want to celebrate the 8th of March in a special way: giving themselves a break to relax and spend some time with their friends.

Hammam, precious beauty treatments and massages, this is only the beginning: there is the shopping with the One Day Card, which offers an advantageous 10% discount on all the brands of the Outlet Fidenza Village; there is the opportunity to go for a walk by foot or bike among the green hills of Tabiano or visit the magnificent castles and the ancient parishes of the surroundings.

The wellness center proposes two packages valid from the 5th to the 14th of March: Femininity and Mimosa, three days and two nights of wellness and cuddles to forget stress and tiredness.

Both include the access to the hammam programme "Istanbul Baths". It is an eastern tradition which gave origin to a western ritual of wellness which purifies the skin and relax the mind.
Music, perfumes and a cup of green tea welcome the guests in the Tepidarium. Gradually the body gets used to the temperature (35-40°) and, chitchatting and laughing , it is time for the Calidarium, where the soft perfumes gently wrap the body and the toxins and fluids excess can be eliminated. In the end, the Frigidarium is the place dedicated to a revitalizing spa tub session, which gives new energy and vitality.

Herbal teas, dried fruits and pastries are the perfect closure to enjoy lying on comfortable chaise longues, waiting for a new treatment to experience, like the sun shower, to prepare perfectly the skin for the summer, or the "Submerged Sounds Bath".
In the soft candle light it is a pleasure to indulge in the embrace of the warm water and the sounds of nature: fatigue and tiredness will magically disappear.

And for those who choose the "Femininity" wellness package there are two more beauty treatments: an aromatic massage and the revitalizing experience of the Polynesian shower with warm and cold water jets, which stimulate the blood circulation and give a new tide of energy.

For both the wellness packages, the accomodation is full board at the Grand Hotel Terme Astro, the four star resort that holds the beauty farm.

Finally, for the busiest ones there are two daily packages to choose: "Gossip: relaxing chats" and "Tittle Tattle: wellness chitchat".
For further information on the wellness offers, please visit the website

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