Semenzoo Offers Highest Quality Control Systems For Holstein Bull Semen

High control in agriculture technology for artificial insemination of cattle needs experts centers and a very qualify staff. It is not easy to achieve high quality of semen to improve dairy cows and holstein sires.

Online PR News – 10-August-2012 – Parma – The agriculture technology leads farmers to adopt new techniques, also when it comes to cattle breeding. Today, the most prolific dairy cattle breeds are Holstein, with numerous frozen semen suppliers and artificial reproduction service providers gaining popularity. The frozen bull semen with artificial insemination techniques are on the rise. Traditional methods of evaluation of semen, generally used at the Artificial Insemination centers, are very simple and fast execution, limited to valuation of sperm motility, the concentration of spermatozoa, and the presence of morphological anomalies cells.

The physical evaluation of the semen, along with other assessments, is needed to qualify the marketed semen. It’s a simple evaluation with a high degree of importance, but unfortunately, do not provide attendibility conclusive information. The reduced attendibility, present the information relating to evaluations conducted with seminal the traditional techniques, the subjectivity of the analysis and the low repeatability of the measurements.

Immediately after the semen collection, the first controls are performed on it. The macroscopic examination should be done without the aid of any instrument and is aimed to detection all those parameters judged by naked eye, such as: volume, color, consistency, odor, concentration, kinetics, and cytomorphology. In fact, these assessments are inevitably subjected to errors of quantification, directly proportional to the sensitivity and to the operator’s experience. Therefore they are "victims" subjectivity of the human eye.

In order to improve the fertilizing capacity of sperm collected, stored and cryopreserved centers bulls, the Italian Artificial Insemination centers participate in the Official control of semen (CUS) from Italian institute experimental which provides three types of tests: the sampling, one of the correct self-certification (VCA) and one of the correct identification (VCI). The VCA expects that the artificial insemination centers and the importers monitor the frozen semen marketed by them with self-certification to attest to their quality.

On this way, the bull’s semen and hence his genes can be spread internationally with a guarantee of upper quality, unrivalled experience and innovative techniques. Semenzoo is an Italian company committed to marketing genetically selected Holstein bulls semen of the highest fertilizing capacity. Rigorous testing programs of progeny testing are carried out to ensure genetically reliable bulls. The exceptional quality of the seed used for artificial insemination has allowed the company to obtain a huge success all over the world.