DVDFab Qt Beta Improves PS3 Compatibility

Fengtao Software Inc., has released DVDFab Qt Beta, a minor update of its multimedia software for Windows operating system, mainly adding support for PS3 to playback the copied Blu-ray 3D discs made by DVDFab.

Online PR News – 15-July-2012 – Beijing – DVDFab Qt Beta Came Out on July 11

Fengtao Software, on July 11, made another minor upgrade DVDFab Qt Beta accessible to beta testers. This beta version came out with new progress concerning 3D backup and, a few fixes appeared in previous versions which have now been eliminated. More specifically, it greatly improved DVDFab’s inclusiveness to make the copied Blu-ray 3D discs more compatible on Sony’s third generation Play Station, publicly known as PS3. Customers who had some compatibility issues between their PS3’s and the backup Blu-ray 3D discs made by DVDFab Blu-ray Copy could now try this new beta version. Aside from that, on the fixed item list, three small issues which occurred in Qt official release were removed in Qt Beta -- a stutter problem when playing Blu-ray 3D backup on standalone Blu-ray player in certain cases, a freeze problem when copying Blu-ray 3D disc to BD25 blank media with "Remove HD audio" option enabled and, an oversize problem when copying Blu-ray 3D discs in several circumstances. The new beta is available at http://forum.dvdfab.com/showthread.php?p=118509#post118509

Tips on Copying Blu-ray 3D Movie onto BD 25 Blanks

Why people, occasionally, want to backup their 3D Blu-ray movies onto blank BD 25 discs? Just check the price tags on blank Blu-ray media you come across in Walmart or on Amazon, the answer can be self-explanatory. DVDFab cares about what people think and come up accordingly with a more humanized solution to back up Blu-ray 3D movies onto comparatively economical BD 25 discs. To do this, there are some useful tips on that:

To copy Blu-ray 3D movie to blank BD 25 disc, users should go to Blu-ray Copy, Full Disc mode, and tick the option of “Copy as Blu-ray 3D”, at the same time, choose the output size as “BD 25 1080p/i” at the bottom part of DVDFab main interface;
It’s better to pre-copy the target Blu-ray 3D movie from physical disc to computer HDD as ISO image file or Blu-ray movie folder, and then load from HDD to burn next. By doing so, it prevents the overheating issue of the optical drive and minimizes potential damages;
Slow down the burning speed for the writing stage to avoid coasters, which can be reset at Write option, DVD/Blu-ray part, Common Settings panel;
“Remove HD Audio” at the main interface is optional, check that box if you do not need HD audio, which can also save much space on the blank discs and meanwhile speed up the whole process.

For more tips on how to use DVDFab efficiently, please visit http://www.dvdfab.com/tips.htm