Saving Lives Right Now is Mission Critical for Alert Medical Response

According to NBC News, "The heat was blamed for at least 74 deaths across the country in the past two weeks".

Online PR News – 15-July-2012 – Corpus Christi – According to NBC News, "The heat was blamed for at least 74 deaths across the country in the past two weeks". Perhaps some of them could have been preventable, especially for the elderly, if they only had an Alert Medical Response Device. AMR, which provides service to all 50 states and is a provider of life saving medical alert systems, wants to save as many lives as possible so for the remainder of this month are giving the first month of service for free for all new customers.Dateline: Turlock, California, July 13, 2012- Alert Medical Response wants to save as many seniors as possible during this killing heat wave besieging the nation, by getting them the protection they deserve. To accomplish this they are giving away the first month of service for free. Veterans too will also get a free emergency lockbox with their order.AMR is running this Special until July 31, 2012, and it is imperative that all orders must be made before 12pm July 31st to qualify. New Customers must order online or mention the website to receive the special promotion.In these insecure times regards to Healthcare, Economic, and Social Security uncertainty, and now the heat wave, and various forms of bad weather; any peace of mind that can be realized is a God sent blessing, especially for people that are vulnerable and weak. Over 35% of individuals over 65 will fall this year. Many do not get the attention they need and this can lead to serious injuries that take away their independence or even death. Many are not aware that medical alerts systems are affordable even on a seriously fixed budget.Here is what one user Mrs. N. Berry has to say about her experience, "I have a wrist band and am confident that your alert medical response will help me if I should fall and need it. I have used it twice and the paramedic came very quickly when I found I could not walk after falling in the kitchen. Thank you! "Alert Medical Response system comes with a base console and mobile pendant. There are three attachments for the pendant to be worn on the wrist, waistline, or as a necklace. The medical alert products have full warranties and have a reliable staff that are there to monitor 24/7 365 days a year. Individuals will gain a new sense of security if they know that they are only a push button away from obtaining help to them usually within minutes. The dispatcher will contact the appropriate party on the list to assist with the situation, e.g. Family, neighbours, family doctor, police, paramedic and more. The product does require a landline phone to work effectively.Medical alert products are one of the best warning systems for those with medical conditions that need to be monitored. Now is the time to save lives, and get one-month of free service by clicking on this web link now.Saving LivesCompany Contact:Alert Medical Response301 S Soderquist Ste. 105Turlock, CA 95380(866)