Stockpair Offers a Simple and Safe Online Platform for Pair’s Trade

Stockpair, the leading online binary options trading platform, ensures that traders get maximum return on investment with minimal losses in a safe and secure environment. It provides user-friendly and advanced trading technology to traders.

Online PR News – 15-July-2012 – Limassol – Limassol, Cyprus - Stockpair is an online platform that allows traders to invest in pair trading. Pair trading in simple terms means predicting which of the two of a pair of stocks would perform better than the other. If the prediction is correct, the trader receives the money he invested plus his payout. The payout differs according to the pair, option type and market conditions, but Stockpair offers the highest payouts to traders, sometimes as high as 450%.
Pair options are market neutral, that is, irrespective of the market movement the trader stands to get a good return. This is because, in market neutral trading, only the relative performance of the two stocks in the pair has a repercussion on the pair option value.

Stockpair allows traders complete flexibility to open or close their accounts at any time. If the trader feels that the stock he has chosen is going down, he can close his position immediately and reduce the losses incurred.

With Stockpair, traders are assured of transparent pricing. There are no hidden costs involved. Traders are continuously updated about their payouts, even during market trading hours.

Stockpair offers two types of pair options – fixed and floating. In fixed pair option, the trader gets to decide the expiry time of the option, be it an hour, a day or a week. After the fixed time, the option expires and the trader’s payout is calculated depending on whether the stock he chose did better or worse than the other in the given time period. The trader stands to receive payouts as high as 86% if he chooses the better performing stock.

In floating pair option, the expiry time is measured from the beginning of the trading period which can be a day, a week, or even a month. In this pair option, the Stockpair website displays a payout value in real-time and allows the trader to close his position at a profit even when trading is open. In floating pairs, Stockpair offers payouts as high as 450%.

The Stockpair website,, has detailed information on the different types of premium accounts they offer, useful trading strategies, a guide on how to successfully trade in differences, a trading simulator which shows pair options trading in action, the different rules the traders need to follow, and tips on how to minimise losses. Their FAQ section allows interested traders to resolve their doubts.

With Stockpair and its advanced pair trading software and technology, the trader is assured of a secure and simple trading place where even amateur traders can receive handsome profits on their investments.