Seven Carwash Korea Offers Scratch Proof Car Cleaning Equipments

Seven Carwash Korea is the manufacturer of professional cleaning equipments in Korea.

Online PR News – 13-July-2012 – korea – Seven Carwash Korea Inc. was established seven years ago and from then onwards Seven Carwash has developed and manufactured several professional cleaning equipments like steam jet car washing machines in Korea. The specialty of Seven Carwash Korea Inc is that they emphasize on developing car wash equipments that do abstain from creating scratch marks on the car.
As you know that conventional tunnel type car-wash machine often clean the car well but leave the car scarred. Seven Carwash Korea Inc ensures that the demerit of the conventional car cleaning equipment is gotten rid of in the cleaning equipments that they manufacture. Steam vacuum cleaner gives you a clean car cleanly. It is natural to worry about using any cleaning device on an expensive car lest it leaves any marks and spoils the appearance of the car. With Seven Carwash Korea Inc‘s car detailing equipments you just have nothing to worry about as they ensure that their car cleaning equipments leave no scratch on your car.
Seven Carwash is continuously striving to achieve their goals of cleanness, freshness and eco-friendliness with thorough research extreme dedication, innovative technology and professionalism. Carwash has a way of researching on new and existing technologies; they have been interacting with people internationally to get global perspective on cleaning equipment’s technology. “We seek after easy to use, stable, and economic products, listen to customer's opinions always and reflect them to our products.”-CEO Seven Carwash Korea Inc .They further ensure that the cleaning equipments are extremely safe to use ,there is no need to worry about injury from high pressure and high temperature steam from steam vacuum cleaner. “The steam is not so hot unless being rightly in front of the nozzle. Besides, the built-in high pressure boiler and pump in this product are protected sufficiently by circuit breaker and high pressure preventive controller”-website
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