comes out with the Stunning iPhone Application
07/13/2012 is now providing the application, Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm which acts as a virtual fridge. The application is specifically designed to help people lose weight and the application is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Online PR News – 13-July-2012 – London,UK – Pasadena, California, July 8, 2012 –, an exclusive and creative application developer, is now offering an application, Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm that is compatible with iPhone and iPad models. Appmoments has been rendering phenomenal service in creating absolutely attractive and creative applications since 2010 and has come out with this virtual fridge. It has a dedicated team to create such useful applications and games as well.
Weight gain issues have turned out to be the most common and there are plenty of treatments and directions available in this regard. In this fast paced world, it is necessary to have a guiding factor that would help one to plan and organize the goals effectively and the application, Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm acts as a perfect guiding factor when it comes to diet. It helps in planning, organizing and maintaining a proper diet plan and contributes towards reducing weight to a great extent.
The application has different categories and contains instant information about the food which includes calories, categories and weight as well. There is a recipe creator and item creator options as well. The best part about the Diet Butler application is the fact that it is simple and easy to use. Many applications available today are complicated and become difficult to use. This is not the case with Diet Butler as it could be customized as per the requirements easily. It has a large database that facilitates easy selection of the recipe and calculates the recipes as well.
In many case, people stop following the diet plan just after a few weeks because there is not enough of motivation to continue with the plan. Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm acts as a great source of guidance and motivates to follow the plan on a daily basis. The mobile application provides a complete guidance on all aspects of diets and it is the most comprehensive application available in the space. Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm makes sure to provide absolute support and comes with varied form of supporting features.
Michelle, who uses Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm on a daily basis, says, “Diet Butler Daily Food Notifier Alarm has brought in a huge change in me. It helped me through my journey towards losing weight and made it easy.”
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Diet Butler
Daily Food Notifier Alarm with Virtual Fridge
For iPhone and iPod touch app

Diet Butler provides users with the strength of a powerful dieting aid - in the form a hi-tech personal dieting assistant who is never more than a touch of the finger away - to help better organize and manage caloric input. Diet Butler is an easy-to-use, straightforward nutritional tool that yields real, steady results when it comes to achieving nutritional balance and serves to shield consumers from a powerful commercial dieting industry that is powered by, and profits from, outlandish and unproven dieting and weight-loss claims.
Company: Appmoments
Name: MR Hussein Akindji CEO
London, UK

Success Story: London based chef quits job to pursue career as an APPRENUER, diet butler being my debut application and continuing with other apps ,like:

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