Eco-Friendly Skytubes Launched by Skylights Manufacturer in Western Cape

If you want to protect the natural resources and cut down on your energy consumption, you may consider installing skylight windows.

Online PR News – 12-July-2012 – South Africa, Western Cape – Skylights are an eco-friendly way to light up your rooms during the day. Four Seasons Roof Windows is a skylights manufacturer in Western Cape that has launched a green alternative to electric lights. You can actually save on your electricity bills by installing the newly launched Skytubes , which is a type of roof window.

If you have a dark corner in your home or office then you can light it up at no extra energy costs. Only the installation costs of the Skytubes are involved. Once they are installed, the maintenance costs of these Skytubes are very low. Skytubes direct sunlight into your rooms using rhinoboard box tunnels through the ceiling of the room.

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A skylight manufacturer in Western Cape has come up with a unique idea to light up your rooms during the day without any extra costs. Skytubes are an eco-friendly alternative to electricity usage for home or office lighting.

About Four Seasons Roof Windows
Located in Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa, Four Seasons Roof Windows is a company that provides eco-friendly lighting options for homes in South Africa. Four Seasons Aluminium Products, established in 1991 is the parent company of Four Seasons Roof Windows, which was initially founded with the purpose to meet ventilation requirements in conservatories.

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