S. Crane Engineering Works Provides Innovative Cranes & Hoists Designs

Manufacturing units require various kinds of equipments for lifting and material handling purposes. The highly efficient cranes & hoists design used in the products of S. Crane Engineering Works ensures better productivity for all its clients.

Online PR News – 14-July-2012 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – Mumbai, Maharashtra - Manufacturing businesses need different types of standard and custom built appliances for lifting and material handling, and S. Crane Engineering Works fulfills these requirements with its innovative products. The company has made constant improvements in its cranes & hoists design processes and continue to make path-breaking innovations in engineering. It also manufactures most of the components that are used in its products. Huge success that many of its products enjoy in the national and international markets is a testimony to the company's excellent manufacturing practices. Plastics, textiles, cement, refrigeration and many other industries utilize the benefits of various products that the company manufactures.
All the lifting and material handling equipments that the company offers are geared towards meeting the specific requirements of customers. As a cranes & hoists manufacturer that caters to the local and international markets, S. Crane Engineering Works offers competitive prices for all its products. While offering unbeatable prices for all these equipments, their quality is never compromised on. The company works on the philosophy of 'customer first' and all the products are manufactured giving utmost importance to quality of the equipments and safety of users. It also strives to bridge the gap between global buyers and reputed suppliers to facilitate global trade.
Gantry cranes have many applications in various industries and this is the reason why there is a huge demand for it. The company manufactures double girder gantry crane that are low weight and easy to operate. Heavy loads can be easily transported with the help of a track on the top of girders. It has cylindrical or conical motors for greater efficiency during the crane's operations. Each and every part of these equipments is painted before assembly and additional coats are applied after they are tested. All the components are designed to comply with the required standards.
Various manufacturing units can benefit through the excellent performance and increased productivity with the use of the cranes & hoists design that S. Crane Engineering Works includes in its products. All these equipments have a standard warranty of one year which is backed with highly efficient customer service. The company also ensures that the products are delivered, erected and the necessary after sales services provided to all its customers. Quotes can be obtained online through website of the company for all the equipments. For more information about the company and all its lifting and material handling products, visit the website http://www.scranes.net/