New Novel Reveals Struggle To Save Alaska Fur Seal

Action, adventure, and a historical look at America’s ever-mysterious “Last Frontier” come together in summer must-read.

Online PR News – 12-July-2012 – Meridian, ID – The second book in author Curtis Carney’s Kincaid Trilogy, Kincaid and the Legal Massacre, is already being called the must-read summer book for adventure and historical fiction lovers; leaving fans enthralled and new readers scrambling for the first release, Kincaid and the Furious White.

In Kincaid and the Legal Massacre will Kincaid's wildlife experience and dedication be enough to save the Northern Fur Seal from extinction?

James Kincaid, wildlife biologist, is assigned to the Pribilof Islands to help the United States Treasury Department control the illegal killing and halt the extinction of the northern fur seal. James and his Inuit guide, Moaka, arrive on the islands from the North Slopes of Alaska to discover the northern fur seal is being slaughtered by several countries, including illegal freelance sealers from the United States.

The sealing industry is very profitable and the fur from the northern fur seal is in big demand around the world. As men risk their lives for the bounty of the islands, the challenges for James and Moaka become increasingly dangerous. The story combines historical events with intrigue, romance, and high adventure, and has James and Moaka engaged in a struggle to restrain the massacring of fur seals while trying to rescue their wives from freelance kidnappers.

Curtis Carney has worked closely with Idaho Fish and Game for many years in protecting and establishing species habitat and has given numerous presentations concerning best management practices of rivers and reservoirs. Curtis has traveled broadly in Alaska and being inquisitive about the ancient traditions of the Eskimo people, he was driven to write about the lives of the Eskimo and their environment.

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Title: Kincaid and the Legal Massacre (Kincaid Trilogy)
Author: Curtis Carney
ISBN: 978- 06155899909
Publication Date: May 2012
Publisher: Insight Press Books, LLC