NPC Bodybuilding Competitor Sergio Oliva Jr. Signs On With Prescription Nutrition,

Prescription Nutrition, the premier bodybuilding product company behind, is pleased to announce the signing of NPC bodybuilding competitor Sergio Olivia Jr., who will be using their products exclusively while training for NPC events.

Online PR News – 11-July-2012 – Pittsburgh,PA – In the world of bodybuilding, it's big news when an athlete decides to use only one line of nutritional products for his competitive training. A sense of trust in a brand and proven success are why one would do such a thing. NPC competitor Sergio Oliva, Jr. has found a line of products he has chosen to rely on as he prepares for all of his competitions this year.

Sergio Oliva, Jr. is the son of Sergio Oliva, the world-renown former Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe champion bodybuilder, and he is a competitor to be reckoned with. From Prescription Nutrition comes their line of whey bodybuilding products, offering a body builder complete nutrition and support while training. By combining forces, the products from RxWhey will take Oliva’s training to a whole new level as he becomes optimally strong and healthier for competitions.

From weight loss to weight gain, Prescription Nutrition offers a full line of specialized nutrition products. Protein meal replacements, raw greens, and vitamins are just some of what is available at Bodybuilders require nutritional products that come from a well-respected company. All of Prescription Nutrition’s protein powders are made in the U.S.A. Prescription Nutrition continually satisfies its clients, which is just one of the reasons Oliva Jr. has decided to start using its full line of nutritional products and supplements for all of his training needs.

“I’m using Prescription Nutrition for all my shows this year. Really like what they have and working with them for Nationals and beyond,” said Sergio Oliva Jr.

Followers can follow Sergio Oliva Jr.’s progress on his upcoming video log, inspiring followers and documenting all of his successes, on RxWhey’s YouTube channel and on the RxWhey Facebook page. Those with questions or for more information on Prescription Nutrition’s full line of products may visit their website at

Prescription Nutrition was founded by health care providers focused on providing superior supplementation through the use of proven, pure ingredients. Our line of supplements is short and to the point. We only stand behind these few products because we know they work and there are plenty of clinical real world studies to back them. We are not going to sell you magical cures or pills. We can’t. They don’t exist. However, we can provide you with high-quality products that benefit everyone from professional athletes to everyday people who wish to improve their health and fitness.

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